Our new little tree makes us smile

Little by little, my dear wife Karen and I got the inside holiday decorating done in A Bitty Better exactly the way we wanted it.

The final piece of the puzzle fell into place with a trip to Chuck Hafner’s Garden Center, just down the road now from our lovely new home in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

We've got it knocked.

We’ve got it knocked.

I found a table of small trees after a 10-minute or so search in the store full of holiday trees and more deocorations than I ever expected to run across in one spot.

It’s an artificial wonder, with lights attached to a battery pack. It’s our Charlie Brown tree.

Add that to the lighted garland and other lights we found in our stash moved from The Little Bitty and another pack of LEDs bought at Wegmans, and the spot that separates the living room and kitchen will make us happy through New Year’s Day.

As Karen says, we’ve stepped up our game. That’s just the right amount. For this year …

How far do you go with holiday decorating inside your home? How big is your tree? How many lights do you place around your home?

11 thoughts on “Our new little tree makes us smile

  1. i love how it all looks and you are so ready! my cottage is tiny so i don’t have a lot but i do have a small, real tree and love lights and lots of reindeer and odd animal ornaments.


  2. We used to always use a real tree until we started traveling around the Christmas time to Texas or Vermont to show off our new daughter 17 years ago. We’d be gone for two weeks so bought a small 5-foot artificial one, as a real tree in our dry climate without getting watered for two weeks is a fire hazard. I have maybe 6 or 7 boxes of knicky-knack decorations I put out too, plus a hand-made table center piece on our kitchen table over a Christmas table cloth. Nothing too elaborate, really.


  3. Christmas lights are a comfort. Lights already on the tree (however bitty) are the way to go! Ours is an 8 ft-er at the top of the angel. Yesterday I finished the Coca-Cola Christmas village on the mantel. Do people stop setting up huge trees when the kids leave the nest?


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