Library Nation

When I saw these bright blue stickers kicking around my workplace, I knew immediately where I wanted to secure mine. The LPL sits on the back of my car, right where people put the initials that signify so much to them. Since 2016, I have been proudly been on the staff of the Liverpool Public…

Landscape always beats profile to me

When I walk past the center atrium of Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA, my eyes truly are drawn to the big screen they’ve put up as an attraction. Advertising mission accomplished, money-makers. Yet, oh, my brain. Turn it sideways. Show sports games that are important to the community. What could be.

Up there, in the sky

Cherished rescue mutt Ellie B Dogamous Pyle and I could see it way up there, but we could not hear it. I wondered where that very-high airplane was heading to. And had come from. I am fairly sure nearby Hancock International Airport was not the answer to either end of the journey.

I’m told I belong

One of our loyal community partners at my library workplace graciously gifted us with a very nice plaque. The director picked the place it now hangs. Even though I am not a librarian, my colleagues told me I am considered part of the order. Of this I am happy.

Sometimes I can’t help myself

The other day I was reading my friend Ann Koplow’s blog and a photo jumped out at me. I’m pretty sure that one of her workplace mates had put a sign up that that Judgement. My brain couldn’t help but scream at the e in the middle. Once an editor, always an editor. My library…