All signs point to the lake

This fallen giant gave its all around Beaver Lake. Now it points its way to the pretty water.

If a tree falls in the woods

I wondered, during out work break walk at Beaver Lake Nature Center, how these trees managed to fall in such a way that they stayed up in this pattern. Magnificent, nature is.

A good day for bird watching

My two stops at the bird watching station on our Staff Summit Day at Beaver Lake Nature Center paid off well. Before reporting to the morning session, I spied a gorgeous red cardinal. Come the afternoon break, I came upon two cavorting yellow beauties. Oh how fortunate I felt. Can you help me figure out…

At last the Little League That Could Gets Its Start

Finally a Tuesday evening arrived without rain and a course too wet to accept our feet. Off the Little League That Could went to Northern Pines in Cicero to star the 2010 season one week ago. We are six members strong, all of us friends for many years. Decades, even. The format is as easy…

The big noise was coming from the bats and then the storm

A good way to start our Memorial Day Weekend, we figured, was a trip with Elisabeth and George Three for some good, old-fashioned baseball. And so my dear wife Karen and I piled into George’s car, Elisabeth at the wheel, for Saturday night’s Triple-A game between our Syracuse Mets and the Yankees’ top minor-league squad…

Lovely little lake it is

Our usual work break walks are at a huge park with well-paved paths. At our annual Staff Summit at Beaver Lake Nature Center, the paths were dirt and the lake was tiny. Serene. Peaceful. And there was enough time for some reflection.

This year’s Liverpool Craft Extravaganza adds beautiful animals

My dear wife Karen and I were met with a pleasant surprise when we checked out this year’s version of the Liverpool Craft Extravaganza in Washington Park on Saturday afternoon. No, it wasn’t that the event wasn’t a soggy washout like the first day the last two years. The Little Bitty Farm from Morrisville, N.Y.,…

New plants will add energy to the front yard

My dear wife Karen got to dig in the dirt Sunday. Two of the plants we took home from Ballantyne Gardens are now adding a splash of purple to the front yard. And the knock out rose bush has its new circle of life all planned out. Yahoo!