I’ll own up to the dirty pile

During the last melt, the stubborn plower’s pile at the end of our driveway at A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville was, well, not exactly attractive. From any angle. What was the plow guy going through when he was pushing this stuff off our driveway, I wonder?

The coming of the green?

What does a bit of warm weather bring to our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville? Just a bit of a burst of the perennials. I know they’re very likely to be covered by snow sometime in March. Still, they raise my spirits.

Tom Cruise grabs ahold of this American Made tale and soars with it

Tom Cruise is cocky as Barry Seal, in all of the pilot’s true or written-for-the-big-screen’s bravado, brillance, cunning and culpability. American Made, as directed by Doug Lyman from a screenplay by Gary Spinelli, is a taken-from-the-1980s adventure that spins fast and furious over the skies that span the U.S. south and foreign fields that yield…

Racing to find that sound

A recent weekend visit to Nichols to buy some staples also led to a stray toward Onondaga Lake when the return trip to my car included some sounds coming up from Onondaga Lake. People were doing something down at the park, I thought. The sound that was carrying up the two blocks was people cheering…

Back to the trusty red car

A while back, my dear wife Karen suffered what we of a certain generation call a fender bender. She stopped in her trusty Mazda, and the person following her did not. The car was still driveable, but there was some dings and dents involved. The insurance company told her what to do, appointments were made…