Going for the next season

More well-meaning sprouts were spied on a walk around the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville by cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I. The flowers are coming. The flowers are coming. Some of the interesting lawn ornaments seem to be popping as well. Yes, the blooms are beautifying the front of A Bitty…

Oh, new day, says the dog

Sometimes I know why Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle gets me up so early. And it’s not just because our beloved rescue mutt is hungry. Or needs to take care of what’s built up while we’ve been sleeping in A Bitty Better. More than that. She wants to greet that yellow ball coming over our…

The spring theme over a buffet

My dear wife Karen and I decided a drive 30 miles east to the Turning Stone Resort and Casino for a visit to the unlimited buffet was a darn good idea when I took a half-day worth of comp time from the library last Friday afternoon. The food was great, as usual. I ate two…

The first boat of spring floats my spirits

Taking the afternoon break walk from the library with two of my co-workers Monday, we spied what we’d been looking for right when the marina moorings of Onondaga Lake came into view. The first boat of this spring was tied up in its slip. It was the only one on the water. For now.

Here comes boating weather

I snuck down closer to the lake after I bought my morning cup of coffee at Nichols earlier this week. No boats yet at the marina. But it sure looks like their time is coming.