Bye-bye food truck next door

My dear wife Karen greeted me with some exciting news this past weekend. Our neighbors to one side had pulled out the food truck that had flanked our fence all weekend. It did not return, either. Knock on wood. I spied that a rather nice play set for their kids has been built since, too!

Keep growing, yes

I can hardly keep up with how fast the plants are growing the last week in the front yard. The backyard near the deck appears even faster. Hello, April, in two days.

I’ll be patient for this train of thought

Considering that my journey to my library job takes me across the train tracks to and from, I hardly ever am inconvenienced by falling crossing rails. It happened right around 8 a.m. recently. I had left early enough for my 8:30 a.m. shift start that I could watch and admire as hundreds of rail cars…

So it’s not a heating duct

When the snow melted at the convergence of winter and spring, we noticed that somehow the dark gray cap that topped the sewer pipe at the street side of our front lawn had gone missing. Heck, I thought, it never fit great anyway. So off my dear wife Karen and I went to a local…

Ginger stays out even in spring

Our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle apparently likes the company of her dog toy the Gingerbread Man more in the great outdoors in spring, too. She has lugged it outside in two seasons, now.

Bliss comes with many wrinkles for Owen Wilson, Selma Hayek

Life is not going well for Greg. This we know when we meet him in his work office, ignoring his work phone while answering his cell to apologize for personal wrongdoings to his daughter. Once his co-workers get through to him, he’s summoned to the boss’ office. Told he’s fired. Reacts badly. Doesn’t turn out…