Now this would hold a Halloween plant

I’ll close the photo series of the visit of my dear wife Karen and I to Ontario Orchards with this image of a plant holder I saw as most definitely crafted for Halloween. Would you place a mum inside and place it on your front step to greet trick-or-treaters?

Out of your gourd?

My dear wife Karen and I spy at Ontario Orchards that not every October yield from a patch in our part of the world turns out to be a vibrant orange pumpkin perfect for Halloween. Pale gourds play their part, too.

For anybody who needs a good stalk

So this is how people get those great front lawn setups come October. And I thought maybe they had a good growing season out back … My dear wife Karen and I find so many things to look at and admire at Ontario Orchards on our traditional annual visit.

Garden guardians

One section in the Ontario Orchards back room was set aside for Raggedy Ann-like seasonal dolls. My mind went for how they’d keep the autumn birds away from fall plants. The Scarecrow’s cousins, right?

Pumpkins, warty and otherwise

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You never know the size, color and some other aspects of the pumpkins you can spy at Ontario Orchards. I don’t recall the good folks at the Oswego farm stand putting out warty pumpkins in our visits years past. Nor have my dear wife Karen and I…

Ontario Orchard apples shine again

My dear wife Karen took the 30-mile-or-so traditional October drive to the northwest to visit what’s become our favorite local fall orchard farm stand. Ontario Orchards always provides us with fun sights and great produce to lug back home to Liverpool. )And, sure, I get a handful of photographs to fill a few days’ worth…

Ready for a lot of things

Ontario Orchards places its crafts in a special section out back. I can tell folks took time and care to make these items. Here they are ready for Halloween. They are ready to give thanks. And the scarecrow stands guard over the plants.

We know it’s Ontario Orchards season

There’s one estabishment nearby that my dear wife Karen and I visit yearly when September yields to October. Yes, you can say we go out of our gourds for … … Ontario Orchards. The pumpkins and more are always set outside to grab attention. But that’s not what we come to purchase. We will buy…