It’s long again, naturally, that spring grass

The Friday forecast of rain, rain, rain was mostly right. And still I fretted about the growing state of tangle of the grass at A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. The front was driving me nuts. The back, doggone it, was not too far behind. My dear wife Karen saw me fretting…

Julianne Moore loans her soap opera power of the past to Bel Canto

Picture a hostage situation where everybody gets along inside the gates. That’s what unfolds during the 100 minutes of Bel Canto, the political thriller/musical (you betcha!) directed and co-written by Paul Weitz with writing help by Anthony Weintraub in the adaptation from the novel from Ann Patchett. Patchett herself based her 2001 bestselling novel on…

Getting the winter out of the golf system

KP and I did not want to wait until our golf league started to get out and swing our clubs this year. Last year that was pretty frustrating. The first-time participation in the Foxfire Tuesday night nine-holder and our first round of the season together both took place in May. Too late. For the mind.…

Don’t move

The big houses that border the Onondaga Lake trails have interesting ornaments on the high side, I’ve noticed during recent work break walks from the library. This peaceful position catches my attention. Close by sit these three characters.

Now we make way for the big bikes

My work colleagues and I must now walk on the inside path at Onondaga Lake Park during our library break strolls. The outer path is now taken by many bicycle riders, including the big tandems rented at the Visitors Center.

Two boats in

Walking with my library colleagues last week, we noticed the second boat has arrived in the Onondaga Lake Marina. We have two small craft side-by-side. How soon, we wonder, do they come in big numbers and sizes?

Happy Easter, with a homemade babka

My dear wife Karen and I both made trips to different locations of a local Price Chopper supermarket this week in search of a special Easter treat we’d found in their bakery department in years past. Both places told us that they were no longer making the cheese babka. Karen bought a raisin babka. We…