Big blooms up front

The daffodils have decided it’s been warm enough to come out in front of our house.

Back on course

Extra work a few days at the library this pay period allowed me to leave an hour early on Friday. When I advanced this news to KP mid-week and suggested a round of golf, he texted back “Big yes.” I made it to Radisson Greens with 12 minutes to spare for our 3:36 tee time.…

Just flocking around

Cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I caught this sight during a safe walk around the neighborhood this past weekend. Spring brings out the curious side in some, we do declare.

Wanted, warmer times

The pavilion in Washington Park is ready for, well, whatever will come when it warms up, I saw during a recent safe walk in the Village of Liverpool.