The Clinton Square holiday lights look fine even in daytime

A recent work trip to downtown Syracuse allowed me to walk past Clinton Square. Out came my iPhone 8. The tree was full. The rink welcomed its skaters. I could tell that a good time was taking place at 2:30 p.m. on a weekday. I think the reindeer approved.


Now there is a coverup

I didn’t get out to the backyard furniture before the first big snow, even though my dear wife Karen dutifully pulled all of it together. We talked about it, and decided the lower patio was a better winter resting spot than up on the deck, where I’d put them under the tarp our first two…

I’m rooting for the rebirth

I’m a brick-and-mortar guy. Yes, as all the online shopping goes on around me, I drive to the store. I like seeing, feeling, buying at the cash register and bringing the stuff home immediately in my car. So I am glad new work is being done at an old Central New York shopping center. Northern…