She’s marvelous in I’m Your Woman, though quite unlike Mrs. Maisel

Until my dear wife Karen and I dove into <em>I’m Your Woman</em> on Amazon Prime, I’d only encountered the work of Rachel Brosnahan as <em>The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel</em>. Sure, this tense crime drama set in the 1970s lives on the same streaming platform as the fabulous comedy that made Broshanan quite famous and brought her…

A little to the left

I promise to you that I was standing straight up and down when I pulled out my iPhone 8 to take this image. I saw the evergreen leaning to the left and wondered if it was a constant breeze off of Onondaga Lake that made it grow this way.

Not bogged down by these babies

I found my new winter shoes while on vacation in Cape Cod back in September. Go figure. The brand? Bogs. Warm. Weather tight. Love ‘em. My dear wife Karen brought a similar pair back to Central New York, too. Happy we are with the beach discovery.

Elisabeth and George go meet a tall one

My terrific daughter Elisabeth attached a photo along with her text. She and George went out to … I looked twice. Not Syracuse’s Gifford Zoo. Not the State Fair with its goats. Where oh where did she meet up with this small giraffe? They went to the place in Chittenango, The Wild. George cozied up…

The pineapple salsa sure tasted great

Elisabeth and George have actually eaten at Joe’s Jerky Corner Market. Not with Karen and I, though. They know enough about my tastes to gift me with appropriate exotic foods. The third jar was a pineapple salsa that my dear wife has already used in the crock pot for the second go-round with our big…

Just add ducks?

So far this January, it’s been mostly rainy. Any snow that’s come has gone. The backyard pool cover is a great gathering place for all the water. No skaters, waders or ducks have been spotted.