There was a good team down there

My dear wife Karen and I had hopes that the Syracuse Orange would qualify for a bowl game with their sixth victory of the season in the Carrier Dome Saturday night. Not to happen. The Pittsburgh Panthers are the team advancing to better things. The relatively easy 31-14 win was their 10th of the season…

Love your graphics

I never know what might be attached to the texts from my terrific daughter Ellisabeth. What an artist. I don’t quite know if I shouldtoadmire her cat Ava or pity her for this particular pose … Admission: My first reaction was a big laugh.

First snow piled up, I think

It took until overnight until the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 23 this fall of 2021. I sure do think our first snow piled up pretty good in Central New York. Cherished rescue mutt Ellie B put her head down and made her way out at 6 a.m. to do her thing in our backyard. My…

We spot a pretty tree

Because of this climatological reason and that, leaf color has been less than usual around our part of the world this year. So we were glad to spot this subdued bit of orange and red during a November neighborhood stroll.

What sees you, Ellie B?

My attention was immediately drawn up to the rising sun, as I posted here yesterday. Then I noticed cherished rescue mutt Ellie B had not moved past her first couple of steps to the deck. I still do not know what out there drew her rapt stare.

Welcome, mid-November sunrise

I’m glad to run back inside for my iPhone when cherished rescue mutt Ellie B’s early morning go-out to the backyard is accompanied by a beautiful wake-up-to-a-golden sunrise moment like it was Thursday.