I’ll walk carefully

When I think about slippery ice to avoid when I walk along Onondaga Lake Park’s paths, yes, it’s sidewalks and other walkways that can get covered that come first to my mind.

Sun sets in the backyard, too

Wandering around the backyard after a workday I realize that the front of the house isn’t the only place I can spot an interesting winter sunset. I like the way it sits just over our neighbor’s house to the west. Happy January sunset this is.

That’s what cold looks like

All it took was a quick look out the back door to know that the work day’s worth of cold surely had made its mark on the whole darn backyard. Whatever had gathered on the pool cover, frozen. Snow fallen on the grass, frozen. My fingers on the screen of my iPhone 8, frozen. Finally…

Morning did get here fast, dear dog

Our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle seems to be as amazed as I am that we’ve been up for, oh, an hour, and the side alcove light is shining on her because the sun is only now just threatening to rise.