My favorite catcher.

George Three and Mike Piazza

My dear wife Karen and I are planning a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame on a shared day off soon. To best prepare, I DVRd an SNY special about my Mets catcher Mike Piazza’ induction last year. And I made a discovery. My terrific daughter’s fantastic significant George Three and my favorite catcher…

Let the sunshine.

A short move to a window seat

We’ve got some new wrinkles going on in the Communications department at the library. So I was asked to move my stuff. My shift was all of, oh, a half-dozen feet across the gray. Chris and I swapped spots so she could be closer to new Librarian Assistant Edina, who was promoted from her Clerk…

Where did it go?

Kids and coins at the library

Walking out to grab lunch last week at the Liverpool Public Library I came upon cute kids in the lobby. They were interested in our spiral wishing well. Folks of all ages regularly drop coins into its yaw and watch them spin down. It’s a great way to make a donation. One of them really,…