Bus to boat is a good evening

My dear wife Karen’s work place came up with a very nice summer treat. Staffers were invited to the Skaneateles Lake dinner cruise. Everybody was allowed a plus-one. She picked me! The higher-ups at the eye place even hired a bus as an option for the trip from Liverpool to Skaneateles Lake. I smiled at…


Go sail away

Out beyond the marina lies a sailboat, enjoying the season. I do catch much on my walks, appreciating what others are enjoying so close to my workplace at the library.

No, they did not play Smoke on the Water

Midway through the super set by The Wood Brothers at Beak and Skiff, an alarming amount of smoke began billowing over the left corner of the stage. Dark, ugly smoke. I had to go down and ask the security guards about it. It appears the neighbor with adjoining property was burning something in his fire…