I wonder how I came to rooting for the Clemson Tigers

I expect it to be one heck of a national college football championship game when the Tigers take the field in New Orleans Monday night. Yes, in one heck of a turn, both of these talented teams that were able to reach this title contest with identical records of 14-0 also have the same nickname.…

All the leaves are down

I’m always looking for that snippet of a lake view. Cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I discovered this look-out from the Salina Town Hall parking lot during a recent walk. Well, I did, at least. She was too short to see the water. And too busy sniffing other stuff.

Sunset and the lake

My dear wife Karen and I get to squeeze in a winter walk with our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle. At the start, I thought I’d get clever with the iPhone 8 and the neighbor’s tall tree. At the end, I concentrated on our slice of Onondaga Lake and saying goodbye to…

And then I saw this sign

I’ve brought you many pretty photographs from Onondaga Lake Park. Yes, I’m a fan of this significant recreational space so close to where I live and work. And so I walk here often. The waters, I know, used to be used as the private dumping bucket for Big Corporate Chemical on the other side of…

Yes, there is sun in the winter

The sun just doesn’t want to come out and play sometimes during this stretch of winter. That doesn’t mean that Onondaga Lake Park can’t look pretty. And it doesn’t keep the hardy people of Central New York from wandering the space.