We spot a pretty tree

Because of this climatological reason and that, leaf color has been less than usual around our part of the world this year. So we were glad to spot this subdued bit of orange and red during a November neighborhood stroll.

What sees you, Ellie B?

My attention was immediately drawn up to the rising sun, as I posted here yesterday. Then I noticed cherished rescue mutt Ellie B had not moved past her first couple of steps to the deck. I still do not know what out there drew her rapt stare.

Another Year for Lights on the Lake

Lights on the Lake opened Monday night. I saw this fact on the news while getting ready for work in the morning. My how time goes by. So I left a bit early and rushed down the two blocks from the library parking garage, a bit before 8 a.m. Yes, the lights were on already.…

Finding a bright spot

Charting the process of the falling leaves there and here in our backyard, I note a patch of red hanging up and out. Past our shed. Past the neighbor’s white house. Yes, on the next block, big color that won’t yet fall.

A lot can fall in a week

After the mowing of the lawn last Saturday, I srote of how many leaves remained up on the trees. Yesterday, many had found their way to the lawn. (And pool cover.) But, no, it is not yet time to take the lawn mower out of the shed for one more mow.