The glint remains in Robert Redford’s eyes as Forrest Tucker in The Old Man and the Gun

Forrest Tucker was quite the artist. Con artist. Break-out artist. Bank robber, top-drawer. In The Old Man and the Gun, director and writer David Lowery (based on the New Yorker article by David Grann) draws Tucker as a man who uses his simple charm to win over people of many ways of life. Robert Redford…


The makings of a good Thai soup

So now you get to see what I brought back to the library from Bangkok Thai. My usual order, No. 20, travels well the way they pack it at the Liverpool restaurant. The broth and beef lives in one hot container. The noodles and veggies live in another. They get combined in the big bowl…

Bring it

I saw a truck full of snow during my Friday work break walk. And by following it, I discovered where the Village of Liverpool brought the snow it cleared from the sidewalks and curbside. I was too slow to catch the truck unloading, but … This empty lot works well enough until the next warmup.

Outta here

I really is quite something to see on our Dunkin‘ Donuts morning coffee run from the library how efficient the Village of Liverpool crew is in clearing the streets of snow. They collect it in piles. And then they scoop it into the beds of trucks for removal to someplace else. Bravo!

Snow bank

On a recent workday, I took the chore of picking up the takeout lunch for the communications department at our library. Out of my car, the big snow bank caught my eye. And then the Key Bank behind it. Yeah, I had to do it.

Thank you, gift card

I picked good, that Applebee’s gift card for my dear wife Karen. I could tell. Yes, it was enough to allow the choice of this peach sangria before the appetizers and entrees! Feelin’ good in the neighborhood, indeed.

Let sleeping cats lie?

My terrific daughter Elisabeth and her sensational significant George Three thought they were going there playful rescue cat Miss Ava a solid by purchasing her a new cat bed. That’s the new bed to the right. That’s Miss Ava’s favorite blanket, well, underneath her. I suggested that maybe they stow away the blanket for a…