Dogwood time!

My yearly cheer for our front-yard dogwood blooms has arrived. Can you hear the happiness? Like the time span of these flowers, my voice of approval is also short and sweet.

The geese are back

I was glad to spot the return of the furry friends of the Onondaga Lake shoreline on my pre-work stroll. Of course now I must look down more frequently.

Proud still

The yellow of the front-yard daffodils stands out distinctly after the first mow of the season. I’m impressed how long they’ve endured this year.

Can’t stop until …

I do indeed like the look of our freshly mown lawn. I don’t mind much that the chore will be mine once a week for … … seven or eight months, depending upon whether or not I squeeze a December cut in or not.

The time had come to mow

The time comes in April when the lawn mower must come out. During my staycation last week, I drained the oil from last season and put in a fresh quart. I took the old stuff to Valvoline for recycling purposes and filled up the red gas can, somehow keeping from swearing at the price. I…

Figuring out our new tree

My friend John sent over a text that declared it was OK to take the fig tree he delivered from his careful pruning at the end of autumn out of our shed. My dear wife Karen and I teamed to hand-cart it onto its new backyard home. Half sun, half shade will be its new…