The puns are back

One little step back in the blocks around my library job in the Village of Liverpool: The recent return of the pun signs at the corner in front of the pet store. Oh, how I missed the humor on my work break safe walks.

Construction season has restarted

The construction facelift approved for this corner in the Village of Liverpool took a hiatus for the virus. But the upgrading in the block around the corner from my job at the library is going strong now. Looking better.

Looking kind of busy

Walking back to where I’d parked my car outside the library on Tulip Street after a short, socially distanced stroll at Onondaga Lake Park, I took note that on a Friday morning … … there might have been more hustle and bustle than I had anticipated.

Be gone, snow piles

They didn’t want to let it pile up in the Village of Liverpool. I was surprised on a recent work break walk to notice workers amid the snow hauling process even though only a few inches had piled up. They were getting ready for a bigger snow to come later. Which, of course, it did…

Getting ready for our new year

May you have a special day ringing out the year. And the decade. I’ll leave you looking up from a spot I park my car many times while running errands in the Village of Liverpool. It’s a reminder to keep our eyes open to find the wonder in life.

Simple and attractive

Taking the quick stroll between the library and Dunkin’ in the Village of Liverpool, I pass the Retreat. The restaurant/lounge is ready for Halloween, simply and with nice style.