Dang, they easily make the hard cider look tasty

I’ve tried hard cider during a trip with my dear wife Karen, my sister-in-law Lynne and brother-in-law Chuck to the big orchard Beak & Skiff. They make it right there from their own apples and serve it in their own saloon. Everything about the tasting on a crisp October afternoon pointed toward a pleasant experience.…

The procession of baby birds continues

On a recent work break walk, we caught mama bird leading her brood from the street to the sidewalk in our Village of Liverpool street adjacent to the library. Everybody and everything stopped for them. That is my best wish, anyway. Mama decided they’d had enough of sidewalk.

Much action at the local film hub

My dear wife Karen and I heard a lot of big bangs a weekend ago. We wondered where they were having a fireworks display so late, what with our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville being smack dab in the middle of many places where they hold these things. But, no, we found out when we visited…

What kind of tree is this?

My daily walk to the nearby Dunkin‘ Donuts brought me past a beautiful, flowering tree. In fact, there are two, side by side. Can anybody give me some help as to what type of tree I am passing?

May the flags be with you

The folks at Nichols in the Village of Liverpool have had the flags flying for several weeks now. I think the chance to say Happy Memorial Day Weekend is good timing to share the pretty American scene.