Simple and attractive

Taking the quick stroll between the library and Dunkin’ in the Village of Liverpool, I pass the Retreat. The restaurant/lounge is ready for Halloween, simply and with nice style.

This year’s Liverpool Craft Extravaganza adds beautiful animals

My dear wife Karen and I were met with a pleasant surprise when we checked out this year’s version of the Liverpool Craft Extravaganza in Washington Park on Saturday afternoon. No, it wasn’t that the event wasn’t a soggy washout like the first day the last two years. The Little Bitty Farm from Morrisville, N.Y.,…

Bring out a serene scene

I took a deep breath and said ahhhhh when I passed this corner on a work break walk from my job at the library. The Village of Liverpool can be quite lovely in May, for sure.

The whites and the pinks

A walk around the Village of Liverpool on a gray morning this week allowed me a great glimpse of the back side of The Retreat. How lovely their trees are at the start of May.