Woof if you’re confident parking

My work colleague at the library came back from a break walk and said she had a photo I might like for my blog. Text received … Love it! My text back: New driver Barkley practices in the Nichols parking lot.

Bucket brigade

OK, I think right away on my library work break stroll … Did they throw this empty bucket out because it was bent garbage? Did they take this empty bucket out and immediately fill it with the garbage they saw on the sidewalk on the street? Did people see a decorative empty bucket out and…

Blend of the seasons

So where can I readily discover corn stalks and blooming flowers in one easy stroll? Nichols in the Village of Liverpool comes through with late summer and early Halloween displays, yes.

I spy leaves changing

Spotted during a work break stroll Tuesday morning in the Village of Liverpool: Two trees outside the Retreat had leaves that were sporting color change. Already, I wonder?

Drawn out by a downpour

So my dear wife Karen and I had decided to seek a beverage or two and a big calzone for dinner at the Cobblestone in the Village of Liverpool. All of a sudden we hear the rain against the roof and the roads. I take to the front door porch, say hello to those sitting…

Bunny seems calm

I got up early enough to get to the Village of Liverpool for a pre-work walk the other day. Right off the bat, I spotted a confident bunny. The rabbit practically dared me to take its photo. Happy day, indeed.