A message in the Village

Indeed. I appreciate the changing of the street signs in the Village of Liverpool as I head toward the library this time of year. Happy New Year to all!

Calling to customers

Sure you can. The Village of Liverpool business renovations look inviting to me on the around-the-corner from the Liverpool Public Library stretch of First Street.

Pleasing symmetry

You belong there. My eye said I just had to line up this burning bush in the Village of Liverpool with the red brick apartment house behind it.

Liverpool blooms

The line of white tree blooms in the Village of Liverpool is making its annual appearance. I feel it’s a bit later than usual this 2022.

Welcoming street in every season

Up at the far end of this street in the Village of Liverpool sits my workplace. I like the feeling that comes to me when I spot the public library in the middle of this tidy spot in my life. I hope all the visitors feel the same way.

The pet people are back with new slogans

The Village of Liverpool pet store people recently trotted out new messages for their A-frame signs of the corner of First and Tulip streets. It’s been awhile since they switched the slogans. Thank you for livening up my strolls, bright minds at Furrever Friends.

Big pileup near the park

I showed you the clear paths of Onondaga Lake Park, where nature enthusiasts and those in pursuit of health work their way east and west all winter long. Now I show you where snow goes as I walk back to the Village of Liverpool.

Down by the lake

I found a few moments and the courage to fight the cold to check out how things are going the couple blocks toward Onondaga Lake. The plows reach the edge, yes.