Up and down scene

During a recent safe walk around the Village of Liverpool’s Washington Park, I noticed some trees holding January leaves. Others, not a one. I quite liked the contrast.

Parking, not skating

On a recent safe walk around the blocks surrounding my job at the library, I came across the morning-empty lot of the Retreat. A cold mist falling made it look quite like a skating rink, thought my imagination.

Pretty close to Syracuse, really

So when I explain to folks here in Bloggyville about where exactly Liverpool is, I always come up with the phrase “just outside of Syracuse.” During a recent safe walk in the Village, this sight struck me. Exactly two miles outside, from this busy corner.

Willpower, yes

I think the owners of the new bakery two businesses down from my library workplace are helping my staying power in not dropping in and stocking up. Sugar is the first word. I can’t. Someday I will bring some home for my dear wife Karen, I promise.

Frosty day

They’re looking good in the Village of Liverpool. That made me feel fairly frosty during a recent safe stroll during a work break at my library job.

Cheers, Orange fellow

I cast my eyes up during a safe walk around the Village of Liverpool and feel good seeing the Orange figure on the roof of The Retreat. The No. 44 and and Syracuse colors make me smile, even in this trying season for the Orange football squad.