That sun still carries a winter’s frost

Shortly after 8 a.m. on a first-week-of-April Friday morning in the Village of Liverpool, the low sun and blanket of clouds gave me a winter’s shiver. The temperature indeed was in the 30s. Weather folks tell me we’ll get 60s on Sunday. Please and thank you. Advertisements

Outta here

I really is quite something to see on our Dunkin‘ Donuts morning coffee run from the library how efficient the Village of Liverpool crew is in clearing the streets of snow. They collect it in piles. And then they scoop it into the beds of trucks for removal to someplace else. Bravo!

Crows lead to foxes, I discover

On a January work break walk with my colleagues, the loud screeching of crows broke our conversation. Laura declared that in her neighborhood a few blocks away in the Village of Liverpool, that has been signifying the sighting of a fox. And she spotted it, too. Off to the right in the backyard. Out came…

Dang, they easily make the hard cider look tasty

I’ve tried hard cider during a trip with my dear wife Karen, my sister-in-law Lynne and brother-in-law Chuck to the big orchard Beak & Skiff. They make it right there from their own apples and serve it in their own saloon. Everything about the tasting on a crisp October afternoon pointed toward a pleasant experience.…

The procession of baby birds continues

On a recent work break walk, we caught mama bird leading her brood from the street to the sidewalk in our Village of Liverpool street adjacent to the library. Everybody and everything stopped for them. That is my best wish, anyway. Mama decided they’d had enough of sidewalk.