Looking kind of busy

Walking back to where I’d parked my car outside the library on Tulip Street after a short, socially distanced stroll at Onondaga Lake Park, I took note that on a Friday morning … … there might have been more hustle and bustle than I had anticipated.

Be gone, snow piles

They didn’t want to let it pile up in the Village of Liverpool. I was surprised on a recent work break walk to notice workers amid the snow hauling process even though only a few inches had piled up. They were getting ready for a bigger snow to come later. Which, of course, it did…

Getting ready for our new year

May you have a special day ringing out the year. And the decade. I’ll leave you looking up from a spot I park my car many times while running errands in the Village of Liverpool. It’s a reminder to keep our eyes open to find the wonder in life.

Simple and attractive

Taking the quick stroll between the library and Dunkin’ in the Village of Liverpool, I pass the Retreat. The restaurant/lounge is ready for Halloween, simply and with nice style.