This year’s Liverpool Craft Extravaganza adds beautiful animals

My dear wife Karen and I were met with a pleasant surprise when we checked out this year’s version of the Liverpool Craft Extravaganza in Washington Park on Saturday afternoon. No, it wasn’t that the event wasn’t a soggy washout like the first day the last two years. The Little Bitty Farm from Morrisville, N.Y.,…

Bring out a serene scene

I took a deep breath and said ahhhhh when I passed this corner on a work break walk from my job at the library. The Village of Liverpool can be quite lovely in May, for sure.

The whites and the pinks

A walk around the Village of Liverpool on a gray morning this week allowed me a great glimpse of the back side of The Retreat. How lovely their trees are at the start of May.

Don’t move

The big houses that border the Onondaga Lake trails have interesting ornaments on the high side, I’ve noticed during recent work break walks from the library. This peaceful position catches my attention. Close by sit these three characters.