I spy leaves changing

Spotted during a work break stroll Tuesday morning in the Village of Liverpool: Two trees outside the Retreat had leaves that were sporting color change. Already, I wonder?

Drawn out by a downpour

So my dear wife Karen and I had decided to seek a beverage or two and a big calzone for dinner at the Cobblestone in the Village of Liverpool. All of a sudden we hear the rain against the roof and the roads. I take to the front door porch, say hello to those sitting…

Bunny seems calm

I got up early enough to get to the Village of Liverpool for a pre-work walk the other day. Right off the bat, I spotted a confident bunny. The rabbit practically dared me to take its photo. Happy day, indeed.

Great sight in the park

During a recent work break at the library, I looked across Second Street. A pink tree was blooming in beautiful fashion. It was a short trot across the street to capture the sight that makes me so happy in April.