Drawn out by a downpour

So my dear wife Karen and I had decided to seek a beverage or two and a big calzone for dinner at the Cobblestone in the Village of Liverpool. All of a sudden we hear the rain against the roof and the roads. I take to the front door porch, say hello to those sitting…

Bunny seems calm

I got up early enough to get to the Village of Liverpool for a pre-work walk the other day. Right off the bat, I spotted a confident bunny. The rabbit practically dared me to take its photo. Happy day, indeed.

Great sight in the park

During a recent work break at the library, I looked across Second Street. A pink tree was blooming in beautiful fashion. It was a short trot across the street to capture the sight that makes me so happy in April.

Wanted, warmer times

The pavilion in Washington Park is ready for, well, whatever will come when it warms up, I saw during a recent safe walk in the Village of Liverpool.