Great sight in the park

During a recent work break at the library, I looked across Second Street. A pink tree was blooming in beautiful fashion. It was a short trot across the street to capture the sight that makes me so happy in April.

Wanted, warmer times

The pavilion in Washington Park is ready for, well, whatever will come when it warms up, I saw during a recent safe walk in the Village of Liverpool.

We’ll call it the Washington triangle

On a safe walk, I decided this piece of common space I pass in the Village of Liverpool carries a shape that is not quite a square. No, First and Second streets angle quite toward each other. Washington Park is quite like a triangle.

Up and down scene

During a recent safe walk around the Village of Liverpool’s Washington Park, I noticed some trees holding January leaves. Others, not a one. I quite liked the contrast.

Parking, not skating

On a recent safe walk around the blocks surrounding my job at the library, I came across the morning-empty lot of the Retreat. A cold mist falling made it look quite like a skating rink, thought my imagination.