The air seems rare now

I took these photographs and wrote this post on downtown walk a while ago as I continue to clear out some unpublished posts. Summer, you know? When I first moved to Syracuse way back when, my raised-downstate mind noted the lack of skyscrapers. Now I note how high this building looks to me.

You can’t shake this nickname

I spotted a store on my Downtown Syracuse walk selling a shirt bearing the city’s nickname. Wow, how this title for Syracuse has hung in there. We do not manufacture salt anymore, no matter how you put it on the table. Here are the origins of the title, thanks to the Onondaga Historical Association.

No need to panic

At first blush, one might think something bad was happening to that big downtown Syracuse building. Nope. Merely the puffy white clouds in just that particular spot in the sky.

Something else I know nothing about

This business advertisement in downtown Syracuse looks sharp. But it reminds me of how much about hair I don’t know about these days. No jokes about the state of my hair needed. I’m comfortable with short and graying with what I’ve got left.

Off by a few degrees

While enjoying Martinfest in the downtown Syracuse parking lot Saturday, of course I had to stroll a bit to take in the late-morning, late February mood. Time on the tower, check. Temp on the tower, off by half-year. I’d take the 94 instead of 34. How long would it take me to complain about how…

A Martinfest under sunshine is a very good thing

When the sun shines on Martinfest, everybody has a really good time. The gathering of great friends put together so wonderfully by the Martin family took over the corner parking lot for another fantastic Saturday. We marked the almost-passing of February in fine style for, maybe, a decade straight now. I could go back and…

Maybe I’ll try one of their non-beers

Walking recently in downtown Syracuse, I noticed the logo for an old joke-telling emporium on a corner awning. Oh, yes, Wise Guys Comedy Club. I recall seeing many comics at a handful of different spots around Syracuse during my decades as a Central New Yorker. At this corner? I remember eating at various restaurants here.…