Sailing along the village of Dennisport

Coming out of Bucky’s with our armloads of assorted biscotti, a loaf of pistachio nut bread and an everything bagel cheese-and-egg sandwich, my dear wife Karen still noted something special for me to photograph. Did you get the mural? Back from the car with arms free for the iPhone 8 photo I went.

I know I can catch a lobster at Sesuit Harbor Cafe

The line outside our beloved, charming Cape Cod getaway lobster haven Sesuit Harbor Cafe looked very long. But of course, everybody was spaced six feet apart. Once inside the ordering room, the usually bustling central spot was practically empty. After placing your request and laying, outside you sent to find a spot among the spread…

Business not as usual

Every customer outside and inside of souvenir and T-shirt shop extraordinaire Cuffy’s wore a mask and was careful about distancing. And this year’s sand sculpture, marking 40 years of business and really great prices, noted the summer of COVID-19, too. Oops, that was on the side I did not photograph. Maybe it was subliminal on…

Let there be lighthouses

Cheers to the style the homeowner of our Csle Vod getaway house has chosen to light up the backyard. There are lighthouses and other beacons, all driven by solar. All the boundaries are clearly illuminated. You can flip a switch for a bulb, but you don’t have to resort to electricity. Great stuff.

Ellie B wants to wave at everybody

It’s hard for me to choose who had more fun on this particular trip to the Atlantic Ocean. You can tell by their smiles that my dear wife Karen and our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle both think this place on our planet is fairly fabulous. Here’s to toes in the sand…