The winners up front are yellow, too

My dear wife Karen requested a good look from me before we departed on our 4 p.m. walk with our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle. She pointed out the first flower power of the spring up front. Yes, yellow sprouts again. Just like out back.

So that’s what you were doing, dear wife

So now I wake up in the morning, let our cherished rescue mutt out, and then see obvious signs tucked away that allow me to make note of what my dear wife Karen was quite busy accomplishing the day prior while I spent my time working in the living room for my library job. I…

Down to the rubble

The day after the clatter and shake, the crew is gone, the house is down, the remnants of that burned house remain. They are doing a good job of keeping me away from center zone, at least.

Knock it down

On our neighborhood walks, my dear wife Karen and I have noticed the house that endured a fire sitting vacant. Our timing for a recent get-our circle was perfect to witness the end of the stand. The crew had the big gear. Down came the house in a quick way. Now we’ll look for a…

Our first flowers of spring

My dear wife Karen called me out to the backyard. She had spotted our yearly winner. Out next to the back deck have sprouted five yellow flowers from many green applicants. Worth getting out there for a good look, yes. Thank you, April flowers.

Pretty bird

Taking a walk to get out from the house but still say socially distanced, my dear wife Karen spotted a lovely female cardinal up in a neighbor’s front yard tree. I got as close as I could, physically and by playing with the iPhone 8, trying hard not to scare the pretty bird away. The…