Greetings, backyard roses

Shortly after arriving home from Cape Cod Getaway 2021, we walked through the house and into the backyard. Yes, the big bunch of roses there had bloomed during our time away as well. The three colors looked so good in their seasonal debut.

Hello, front yard roses

When we pulled into our driveway from our 10-day Cape Cod Getaway 2021, we were greeted by the first blooms of the front yard corner knockout rose bush. That was a fantastic first smile at A Bitty Better.

Great to see you on the Cape, Ann

Sometimes great things are saved for last. Before we left for Cape Cod Getaway 2021, my blogging friend Ann Koplow and I emailed back and forth to find a common day for her to take the drive from her home near Boston to Dennis Port. Our last full day on the Cape it was. We…

Why we go back to this house

Thank you, pretty little Dennis Port cottage, for keeping us happy for our 10-day getaway to Cape Cod. The particular place has kept us safe and comfortable for three stays now. We’ll look it come 2022 and hope its owner is still renting, yes.

Dennis Port proud

Sitting at a window counter enjoying a Bucky’s breakfast, my dear wife Karen and I spotted a neat mural adorning the adjacent courtyard walls. It stretches two frames wide and emcompasses much history. Great art.

Back to the Beach Bar

We returned to the Beach Bar to sit inside the outside structure and enjoy the spot we have come to savor. It was closed for COVID-19 when we came in September 2020, so we sat on the patio instead. A Painkiller and pint of Jack’s Abbey were just right. Did I mention the view of…

When in Cape Cod, put together Cape Cod puzzles

My dear wife Karen and terrific daughter Elisabeth spent their inside time in the lovely little Dennis Port cottage working in tandem on the big puzzle we brought back with us this year. It’s the one bought during the September 2020 vacation that Karen couldn’t quite finish, so she dismantled it to put back into…

Taking in P-town during Pride Month

The kids couldn’t join our vacation trip to Cape Cod for the first time and not experience the vibe that it Provincetown, we figured. I told Elisabeth and George Three how so much is jammed into so little space as we drove the hour-plus to the east end of the Cape. The start of June,…

New discoveries around Chatham

The four adventurers drove along the shore roads of Chatham and pulled up between the lighthouse and a cool-looking beach. First walk for Elisabeth, George Three, my dear wife Karen and I was the alluring beach, big shark warning be damned. The sand felt good on our feet. The wind felt good in our hair.…