The dog and her squirrels

The dog is real. The baby squirrels are toys. My dear wife Karen orders the little stuffier to replenish our cherished rescue mutt’s supply every few months or so. They don’t last that long with her attention. At this moment, however, she is contemplating a blueberry.

It’s a lot, by George

With more snow 25 miles down the road where my daughter Elisabeth and George Three live, she texted me this photo to illustrate how he dug both their cars out. Yes. Very hard work for sure. Good job, sir.

Meanwhile, 25 miles down the road

My terrific daughter Elisabeth texted me this photo on Tuesday morning. And George Three was still sleeping! Yes, some 25 miles to the east, they got a lot more snow than we did here. She cleared her car and made it to work, said the next text. Had to change wet pants first, though. I…

It’s a lot, but not a whole lot

With much of the East Coast getting pounded by a major storm this Tuesday morning, I will not complain about having to clear our cars of a steadily falling few inches. Usually, you see, it is we here in Central New York that get much, much more. The stuff is expected to fall through Wednesday.…