A big, cold moon over Tipp Hill

My dear wife Karen and I went out to meet friends for a burger and beverage at the Blarney Stone early Saturday evening. When we stepped out into the weekend chill, I had to strip my gloves and clutch my iPhone 8. The big moon over Syracuse’s Tipperary Hill neighborhood simply was magnificent. And then…

Be gone, snow piles

They didn’t want to let it pile up in the Village of Liverpool. I was surprised on a recent work break walk to notice workers amid the snow hauling process even though only a few inches had piled up. They were getting ready for a bigger snow to come later. Which, of course, it did…

Snow Day! Time to stay home and be safe

The cell phone text bing brought the message that still throws an extra beat into the heart. Snow day! My library director decided it best to stay closed today. We had freezing rain overnight. Snow started topping that several hours before sunrise. Didn’t those two words make you think of spending the next eight or…

Gone but not forgotten

The workers at Onondaga Lake Park did a good job of spiriting away the decorations from Lights on the Lake 2020. A work break walk this week showed that some remnants remain.

Hopeful ducks

Groundhog Day 2020 has passed, and old Phil told us spring will be arriving early. It was nice enough on Feb. 3 to take an 11 a.m. work break walk along Onondaga Lake. The pair of ducks out for a swim were hoping that the groundhog will be correct.