Picnic plant

Picnics at the Park sure can look nice. I took the time to snap this beauty just off the beaten path at Onondaga Lake Park a couple Thursdays ago. Can’t help but dig the blooms.

Another lucky win

So Elisabeth, George, my dear wife Karen and I decided to attend a Polish Fest at the Community Club up in Utica a bit ago. Yes, it was at the place where we love the food. We couldn’t help but notice the big table of raffle prizes as we walked in. My daughter and wife…

More tomatoes for my salad

My friend John’s backyard tomato garden continues to flourish. This time around, he sent me back home with full-sized fruit instead of the pop-in-your-mouth version. My bowl at home would be tastefully topped several times, thank you, my friend.

Ava can’t resist a nip

My terrific daughter Elisabeth took a trip to experience a sunflower field. She brought some home. Ava liked this one. Notice the tender little bite. Must have been tasty for the cat.

Solid, still

Wind and other forces of nature may have had their way with some of this Onondaga Lake side tree. Still, I think on a library work break walk, it has withstood plenty.

Here’s to September

May September bring us safe travels, here and there. I’ve seen the far less pretty scenes the past few days for too many of our neighbors. May they get to safety and recover.