Up and down scene

During a recent safe walk around the Village of Liverpool’s Washington Park, I noticed some trees holding January leaves. Others, not a one. I quite liked the contrast.

Ava and the hippo

You didn’t think that Elisabeth and George would go see a live hippo without bringing home a stuffed toy for their Ava, did you? Very nice.

Parking, not skating

On a recent safe walk around the blocks surrounding my job at the library, I came across the morning-empty lot of the Retreat. A cold mist falling made it look quite like a skating rink, thought my imagination.

Quite the artist

I must admit I did a double-take at this photo texted to me by my daughter Elisabeth. And I had to ask her, what the heck? She and George went back to the Wild, this time for an experience with the Pygmy Hippo. This friendly creature paints. Really. Who would have thought?!

Pretty close to Syracuse, really

So when I explain to folks here in Bloggyville about where exactly Liverpool is, I always come up with the phrase “just outside of Syracuse.” During a recent safe walk in the Village, this sight struck me. Exactly two miles outside, from this busy corner.

One Night in Miami brought together the legends

Imagine if you will, four of the great minds of their time congregating in one hotel room shortly after one of them accomplished a feat that caught the country’s attention. That’s the premise of <em>One Night in Miami.</em> You’ll know the names on the screen in this riveting feature, the first directing effort from popular…

Your car is running

I took these photographs and wrote this post before the virus crisis. When my dear wife Karen and I pulled into the parking lot for a breakfast at Julie’s Diner, I noticed a New York State Trooper had left the car lights on. On closer inspection of the third of three parked in row, I…

Take it easy, cherished rescue mutt

I have noticed that even our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle has appeared a bit out of sorts at times during the pandemic. My initial thought was that she would love more company with our schedules changing. But, not all the time. She frets with us, I find, keeping her finely tuned…

Baseball back here, please

My terrific daughter and George Three combined my love of a great shirt and a certain baseball squad with a fine Christmas gift this year. So when I pull on this long-sleeved beauty, I’m warm with thoughts that maybe come spring, 2021 can bring the return of our Syracuse Mets. Missing the 2020 season for…