Going big

My dear wife Karen’s year of deliberation about the photo she had made of one of our digital captures from our family trip to Kona led to her determination that bigger would be better. And so our Hawaii wall has been altered. I do believe none of us will forget our time in the 50th…

Adding to the gallery

The great shots from George are now framed and hanging in our vacation gallery. The big shot with the invisible frame he took where we stayed in Kona. The smoldering orange came at the big volcano in Hilo. Ahhhh. Hawaii.

Shutterfly brings Hawaii to us

Some of George’s Hawaii prints are in … The biggest of the order came on its own. George got this one at our Kona hotel. Now it’s forever-caught on cardboard stock. Next, we’ll get some frames and complete the wall up the stairs.

Now this is a genuine Hawaiian calendar

My dear wife Karen and I have been hanging calendars with inspiring photos from Hawaiian on our kitchen wall for, oh, a handful of years now, back to when we put the cheery scenes up in The Little Bitty in the Syracuse neighborhood of Eastwood. This past summer, I thought to purchase a 2018 calendar…

Now we can picture this perfect Hawaiian spot

Kona Family Reunion gift-giving continued: The kids gave us a nice frame and shots of the four of us at the breath-taking Hilo lookout. It was the closest she could find to the four of us together, my terrific daughter joked. Yeah, we gotta work on that next trip. But this will do very well,…