Red lilies look lovely

The red day lilies have taken their turn in our backyard in this hot summer of 2020. This year has continued its streak of loveliness of blooms.

I like this line

The way the red chairs line up and the flowering plants go their own way behind them, well, it makes me happy in my backyard.

Bird bath and little guy

We’d love for the pretty cardinals to take a dip in our backyard bird bath. Just saying. My dear wife Karen tells me the shortie purple bloom to the right is new this year, too. Did we put it in, or did nature just occur?

One last push for the lilacs

Before they said bye-bye for another year, our backyard lilacs had one final fantastic day of blooming. Award-winning they were in my eyes. My dear wife Karen agreed. See you next spring.

Big blooming year

Before we get too far toward autumn things, I must recall how big our blooms were this year. The pinks and the purples were outstanding in September.

Now we’re blooming

What did we spy upon our return from our Cape Cod vacation but … Backyard lilies that could not contain themselves. A hostas plant the size of an elephant’s head. White backing up the red in the front of the house. My dear wife Karen’s hard work surely pays off.

Now we’ll see even more backyard color

My dear wife Karen has picked the backyard places for more of her cherished new plants. A pair of purple Mother’s Day presents have side-by-side residence. And a rose we chose at Ballantyne Gardens went in across the walk. Yes, all three carry the same sort of hue.