In the ground they go

I grabbed the shovel and watched where my dear wife Karen carefully pointed her finger this past weekend. Into their new home dirt went the gifts from Elisabeth and George. They look comfortable. Knock on wood.

Quite a rhododendron

Last year the family attended the beautiful Rhododendron Festival while we were vacationing in Cape Cod. This May we are being treated to the glory of the full bloom of our own gorgeous plant of the variety in our backyard. We’re pretty sure this is full year two after we put it in our ground.…

Now for the tulips

As my dear wife Karen and I were tooking around the backyard this weekend, we noticed the emergence of the gorgeous red tulips. Happy new month it is.

Still trying hard

The morning after our April snow, the little tree that makes its big mark on our front yard this time of year has decided it’s time. Thank you, dogwood, for sticking to your principles and bringing the buds forth despite the April 20 chill. The backyard daffodils also say hello on the morning after the…

Hello to our new fairy garden

One of my dear wife Karen’s new ideas for the backyard garden this year is a fairy garden. She selected the boxed plants, sent away for the decorations, lovingly set it up off the back deck. My job is to admire the results of her work. I have yet to spot a visiting little person.

Hanging out and looking good

A hanging plant over the big rose bush is the perfect addition in this corner of our backyard garden complex. My dear wife Karen’s plans make our hangout better every dang year. Yes, this is the first time I’ve called it our backyard garden complex.

The peony tree decides to show up big

Our peony tree has grown every year since we put it in shortly after we moved into A Bitty Better here in the Galeville neighborhood of Liverpool. But … no blooms. This is the year. Big time. Thank you, peony tree, for rewarding my dear wife Karen and I for our patience.

The Gerber Daisies are a good pick every year

My dear wife Karen didn’t even ask me to dig the hold for our annual pot of Gerber daisies. She went and took care of this part of the planting from our Chuck Hafner’s Garden Center haul by herself after we’d put the azalea in the ground together. Yes, she brought the chairs up from…