Another pop of white flowers up front

The tall one that helps keep our kitchen semi-private in the warm months has bloomed. Good mix with the lasting lavender, I think.

All square

To think that I am not a boat person. Ships I got to like, if I wore the patch to ward off my chronic seasickness …

Looking up

Of course my eyes are also drawn upward while I hang by the lake before work. Even with the number of boats in the marina increasing.

Sweet spot

Here, exactly, is why I leave early for my library job and take the time to walk down to the lake.

Hello, baby fig tree

My friend John visited after work to diagnose the big fig tree he’d delivered in November. We’d been texting about some concerns rattling around my brain since he’d told me it was OK to take it out from its winter home in our shed. He’d mulled over my texted photos and decided it was time…

On the lake they boat

As I took a pre-work stroll, I noticed a boat already out on the water. Looked like they were having a good time. Early in the day, getting toward late May. Good for them.

New York Deli, Broadway style

My awesome daughter Elisabeth texted me that she and fiance George would be coming over on a day of my choice with sandwiches from Touch of Broadway Delicatessen. Thank you, giver of the gift card. On the chosen day, I texted back my request for hot pastrami with sauerkraut, provolone and spicy mustard on dark…