New York Deli, Broadway style

My daughter’s got a gift.

My awesome daughter Elisabeth texted me that she and fiance George would be coming over on a day of my choice with sandwiches from Touch of Broadway Delicatessen.

Thank you, giver of the gift card.

On the chosen day, I texted back my request for hot pastrami with sauerkraut, provolone and spicy mustard on dark rye.

The kids arrived with a big bag of goodies.

Thick and, yes, still hot.

In addition to our sandwiches, they’d filled the paper sack with potato knishes for Elisabeth and I and half-sour pickles for all three of us.

Bird lover.

Turkey was my daughter’s sandwich choice.


George went for a traditional Reuben.

We were all satisfied.

The next day I was able to bring half my sandwich and knish to work for my lunch. That’s how big I found the sandwiches.

Elisabeth told me our sandwich size was large, one step below colossal.

After we were done, we all decided that …

As full and happy as we were, we still like the sandwiches from The Brooklyn Pickle better.

19 thoughts on “New York Deli, Broadway style

  1. i love, love deli sandwiches, and my favs are corned beef and swiss with spicy mustard on rye, and a grilled turkey reuben with coleslaw. in case you need to know my order


  2. There’s nothing like a creative sandwich to make any meal complete. They all sound yummy and the company even better! My friend, I hate to share on this post, but I was diagnosed with cancer 11 days ago. I haven’t been writing or reading as my world seemed unreal. I was in the hospital 5 nights. It’s a rare tumor in my liver that spread to create a very large mass on my pancreas, two lymph nodes, to bones (one in my right skull), spine, hip, pelvis. They won’t do surgery because of the risk. My family has been taking turns to ensure I’m taking pain pills throughout my 24 hr day. We will meet with oncologist on Weds. my youngest was able to fly home from Germany (thank you Red Cross) his family will arrive from WA today. My oldest and his family will be flying from Alaska on Weds but it will be late and hopefully we’ll have more answers and know the treatment at my appt. I’ll be hit and miss here. Keep on keeping on my friend. I have faith I’m in good hands no matter what. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💕🥰


  3. Mmmm…. Beautiful. By the way, the Brooklyn Pickle used to serve my sandwich; known as “The Big Mike” it was pastrami, corned beef, turkey, cole slaw, russian dressing, dark rye. Yeah, pretty tasty.


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