Bushy look without the bushes

Thick cover. This front yard garden I note during my retirement month stroll surely provides a lot of January privacy. I like the look, too.

Or maybe they just weather

Like a twirled cone? Strides up the neighborhood green triangle, I happen upon a pole that’s dark brown on the bottom and very lighter toward the top. So maybe all my conjecture back a ways was was wasted? Really, could those very brown poles have started their lives all light?

Which goes where?

Consistency matters? It sure looks as if some planner somewhere had to decide which side of our neighborhood green space got the light-colored poles and which side got the dark-colored poles. And, I ponder during my retirement walk stroll, do they hold wires or wear differently?

Sunny angles

Over there. Walking any time it strikes me as settle into retirement, I’ll spot the sun coming toward the lake at the end of my block at all sorts of angles. I hope.

Getting a charge out of Teslas

Plugged in and getting ready for another drive. Did you see all the Teslas? asked my dear wife Karen before we started the walk from her other-make vehicle into Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA. No. A quick look to the far edge of the parking lot note a line of the…

Happy installation

I almost forgot this important update … Found: a Liverpool company that decided to hook up the gas line and finish the installation of the new dryer, too. Yes, indeed, Charles Plumbing, Heating and Electric. It is nice, indeed, to have the new washer and dryer taking care of our laundering needs in our own…

Skelly says bring on Valentine’s Day

Bring on the next holiday. Going out to dinner with daughter Elisabeth and George Three on Wednesday night, she said the neighborhood skeleton was dressed up for another holiday and ready for another drive by. When I took my car past after our meal at Ruby Tuesday’s, I saw that the switch had been made…

Don’t get confused, teenage fig

Indoor sprout. My dear wife Karen noticed something pushing the sheet we’d placed on our wintering teenage fig tree higher and higher. Keep it dormant, said friend John, our fig tree expert who’d gifted us this tree as a baby last spring. The covered tree seemed to have other ideas. We’re hoping this does not…

Backyard beauty

Ready for the family. Does George Three have it in him for a winter fire in his new backyard fire pit, I wondered as I admired his and Elisabeth’s pretty outdoor setting under the white blanket.