Enjoy August while it’s still here

The boats have not left the Onondaga Lake Marina just yet, I am thankful on a library work break stroll. They still make for a nice scene.

A building block never noticed

Nosing around the Village of Liverpool because I arrived early for my shift at the library recently, I saw this across the street from the Cobblestone. Who knew that the building that houses Freedom of Espresso was a cornerstone location? My best wishes go out to all those affected by Hurricane Ida this weekend. May…

Feeling free

I felt it as much as I saw it at first, this elegant big bird passing overhead as I took my library work break walk next to Onondaga Lake Park. This is more and more known as a great spot for eagles. I got my iPhone out and up in time for a pretty nice…

Construction continues

The good news: It looks as if the hard-working construction crew at the Town Offices pretty much has one side of the project nailed down. Now they’ve moved a lot of the equipment to the parking lot on the other side of the building. I should have figured this one out from the start.

Big block relocation

You know the construction on the grounds of the Town Offices in my neighborhood means business when they relocated the mailbox from the parking lot to the street by chipping around the concrete block at its posts and moving the whole darn thing to the lawn’s edge.

Now that’s a front-yard garden

Taking a Sunday walk around the neighborhood blocks, my dear wife Karen, cherished rescue mutt Ellie B and I had to slow down to admire what has become of the front yard where they so carefully place removable plastic over their front garden patches come the cooler months. Their care has resulted in a marvelous…