A summer wallop for the knockout roses

I’m happy when the big corner rose bush up front takes its turn making our yard look spiffy. It’s a tough year for roses, we were told by the local experts when we visited this spring’s fair at the Liverpool Public Library. Tomorrow, you get to see our backyard roses.

Hello, front yard roses

When we pulled into our driveway from our 10-day Cape Cod Getaway 2021, we were greeted by the first blooms of the front yard corner knockout rose bush. That was a fantastic first smile at A Bitty Better.

Full effect out front

It’s the time of the season when the front yard garden fills up and widens out. I stop and admire it to and from my car on work days at the library. Nice!

Hello, little lavender

I very much appreciate how the colors pop out one-by-in as we continue through spring in our front yard. Taking its turn right now is the lovely lavendar.