Need a lift ticket?

I have heard the kids from next door sledding on this hill made by the plow service. I can tell they are having a lot of fun.

Through the trees, a snow moon

A bright light appeared in our sky last night. It will last for three nights, and it has a special name this time of year in my part of our world. Through Saturday, we’ll be able to appreciate the full moon that’s called the “snow moon.” On Thursday night, my dear wife Karen and I…

Where can they push it?

That is the end of our driveway as February comes to a close this week. Yes, I am glad we have a plow service. And this has been a light winter for us as far as snow goes.

Ready for a cool February day

Our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle doesn’t seem to care that it’s snowed some every day for a week or so. February is on the way out. The sun still rises. Her dad let’s her out to do her thing. Life is OK, you betcha.

They learn to make more than pizza in Little Italy

I must admit right from the first sentence that my soft spot for Emma Roberts’ work grew from her gotta-grow-up role as Amy in the 2013 not-what-you’d-think from the title funny little drama <em>Adult World</em>. I so enjoyed her work next to Evan Peters as the good guy who teaches her a thing or three…

That’s a good line

The sign says so much. Most of the Onondaga Lake proper is frozen over this February, but the marina area still holds some moving waters. In fact, that one area looks like a good, old-fashioned pond on a farm to drop your line. Or maybe I’ve been taking work break safe walks during too cold…

That is the sun

My February work break safe walk led me to the refreshing sight of the sun shining over the Onondaga Lake Park trees and off the frozen-over waters. I had a few seconds to appreciate the view, take a photo, and book on back toward the library.