Da plane, da plane

Yes, my new iPhone 8 takes great photos. That plane sure looks cool against the blue sky, I thought. Snap. I guess we don’t live THAT close to the airport.

A lake view without ice

With the weather working hard to take us into spring at last, the slice-of-lake view outside A Bitty Better in our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville has taken on a nicer blue, too. Gone is the ice on top of Onondaga Lake. It makes me feel better, seeing the snow melt and the signs of things…

Trying so hard to sprout

Outside the front door of A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville, there are signs of spring trying hard to overcome the late snow of March. The contrasts of season capture my fancy. I think you know which I am rooting for after this stretch of cold and bluster. I am ready for…

Adding to the gallery

The great shots from George are now framed and hanging in our vacation gallery. The big shot with the invisible frame he took where we stayed in Kona. The smoldering orange came at the big volcano in Hilo. Ahhhh. Hawaii.

We go with the iPhone 8

Our iPhone 6s were getting old. My dear wife Karen toted them around for more than three years, and they served us well. But they were getting slow. They restarted sometimes. The batteries were losing charge faster. And I wanted a better camera for all these blog photos I take. So off we went to…