Now that’s a cool club

Over to the right field side of NBT Bank Stadium, the doors are open for the brand new Metropolitan Club. It’s a restaurant and bar with seats that look out over the field. Eye-catching are the names of greats who played for Syracuse baseball teams past over the many decades, when they were called the…

It’s an interesting sight, no bull

You can walk all the way around to left field in the Syracuse Mets’ NBT Bank Stadium to spy interesting views. Even more compelling to me than the bar that sits past the outfield fence was the bullpen, with pitchers waiting to warm up if needed. I found one player that couldn’t sit still with…

Full effect out front

It’s the time of the season when the front yard garden fills up and widens out. I stop and admire it to and from my car on work days at the library. Nice!

Hello to our new fairy garden

One of my dear wife Karen’s new ideas for the backyard garden this year is a fairy garden. She selected the boxed plants, sent away for the decorations, lovingly set it up off the back deck. My job is to admire the results of her work. I have yet to spot a visiting little person.

Hanging out and looking good

A hanging plant over the big rose bush is the perfect addition in this corner of our backyard garden complex. My dear wife Karen’s plans make our hangout better every dang year. Yes, this is the first time I’ve called it our backyard garden complex.

The peony tree decides to show up big

Our peony tree has grown every year since we put it in shortly after we moved into A Bitty Better here in the Galeville neighborhood of Liverpool. But … no blooms. This is the year. Big time. Thank you, peony tree, for rewarding my dear wife Karen and I for our patience.

Another pitch for a good Syracuse Mets game

We’ve got tickets to see the Syracuse Mets at NBT Bank Stadium for an afternoon game today. The four of us are hoping it’s as cheerful as the 5-2 victory on opening day, that’s for sure. You’ll get photographs from our seats behind the Mets’ dugout on the third-base side in the coming week …

Getting ready for a great summer

When Elisabeth and George Three came for a visit, I asked him for some help down in the basement. That’s where a large and fantastic Christmas gift from my dear wife Karen was stored. The cornhole set earmarked four our backyard is still fresh in its box. It’s big and it’s heavy. I still can’t…