More and more lights

Soon to draw crowds. Yes, it’s getting closer to the opening of Lights on the Lake season, my recent lunch break stroll from the library alerted me anew. Many more displays are in place, including the framework for the “tunnels” that separate the distinctive zones between themes.

The holiday lights are gathering

On this first day of fall, I offer the recent capture at the Onondaga Lake Marina. Boats are still docked. Leaves on the tree are still green and quite up there. Lights on the Lake decorations are piled and ready for installation.

Another Year for Lights on the Lake

Lights on the Lake opened Monday night. I saw this fact on the news while getting ready for work in the morning. My how time goes by. So I left a bit early and rushed down the two blocks from the library parking garage, a bit before 8 a.m. Yes, the lights were on already.…

Would those be lights at the lake?

No big feature displays leaning against the trees or ground yet, but I did spot strands up in a small tree at Onondaga Lake Park. It is only five months from the start of Lights on the Lake 2021. Or five months since the conclusion of Lights on the Lake 2020.

Before they flip the switch

A safe walk through the trails of Onondaga Lake Park during daylight hours certainly finds what cars later will drive past during the nighttime Lights on the Lake. The displays are quite festive even uncharged, I think as I use my iPhone 8. The park closes to walkers at 4:30, I’m told by signs. So…

The lights are out around the lake

Yes, they are getting ready for the annual Lights on the Lake display at Onondaga Lake Park during our virus year of 2020. This chap is already standing post near Willow Bay. On the east end near the Wegmans Playground, meanwhile, these await a good spreading out. This does make me wonder if they will…

Gone but not forgotten

The workers at Onondaga Lake Park did a good job of spiriting away the decorations from Lights on the Lake 2020. A work break walk this week showed that some remnants remain.

The arches await

The preparation at Onondaga Lake Park is more serious. I can picture the walkers going through the arches all bright with holiday colors the opening two nights first, though.