A moon to light your Happy Halloween

From our backyard to your place on this planet today, may you enjoy this Halloween. The moon can brighten your path to good things.

Nearly the big day

Yes, great job prepping your front lawn for the season, we thought during our neighborhood stroll. Bravo! Central New York thinks so much of Halloween for sure.

Gearing up for spooky day

Spotted with my dear wife Karen and cherished rescue mutt Ellie B during a pretty walk around our neighborhood was the fact that plenty of folks were gearing up for Halloween. This house already has ghosts hanging out under its big and pretty front tree.

Plenty of fans want a Syracuse Mets baseball bargain

A lot of Syracuse Mets fans thought they might find cool bargains at NBT Bank Stadium during Saturday’s Syracuse Mets off-season garage sale. You could spot my dear wife Karen and terrific daughter Elisabeth among them here. Peruse we did. Good news! My dear wife will be sporting a beautiful Salt City Mets T-shirt to…

One look toward the field and I’m ready

Reaching the top of the stairs Saturday at NBT Bank Stadium for the Syracuse Mets’ off-season garage sale, the field called my name. I know, no Triple-A baseball in my hometown until April 2022. I can still call this a field of dreams.

Syracuse Mets play in one heck of a garage

My dear wife Karen, terrific daughter Elisabeth and George Three are regular attendees to the Syracuse Mets garage sale. We arrived ready to ender the beautiful garage called NBT Bank Stadium at 9 a.m. Saturday morning to see what General Manager Jason Smorol and his staff would put out this time around. The look will…

A tasty find at the big warehouse store

My dear wife Karen and I usually have a static list when we shop at BJs Warehouse. If you don’t have one near you, it’s the big box type place that you need to buy a yearly membership to get in … Anyway, we go about once a month for best prices on our Dunkin’…

When you bring your pets to work

The email from the Syracuse Mets said this season’s cut-outs were ready for pick-up at their NBT Bank Stadium offices. I took the short trip after a library shift on Monday and picked up the replica of our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B and Elisabeth and George Three’s rescue cat Ava. Instead of riding in…