When roadwork is a winner

They tore up our street in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville recently. It was time for a smooth new route. I was excited to see they were preparing to come right up to my driveway. We were still able to drive on it, carefully, while they worked on paving for two days. The finished product…

Baby bunny visits our front yard

Karen told me to go to the window with my iPhone 8 very, very quietly. A baby bunny was visiting. So we get the cute little rabbit shot through the screen. I knew I could open the front door and approach or Bugs would hop away. Tiny!

My wife chimes in with her great taste

Did you see the new decoration?, my dear wife Karen wondered one day of a piece she added to the side alcove, under the overhang, right on the edge of the backyard. Yes, I did. Did you like it? Yes, my heart is into her sense of what goes best with our life.

Our rose blooms are coming on strong

The long-running winter of 2017-18 changed a lot about spring and summer in our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville, I’m certain. But as we move through June, I’m happy to look in our backyard and report this fact: The roses are coming out strong. On both sides of our walkway, they prosper.

No customers but plenty of merchandise at the yard sale

You never know what’s going to catch my eye as I stroll the blocks around A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. Recently I spied a Yard Sale sign at the corner of the closest apartment complex. Sometimes I walk without Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle, say, if it’s too hot and I…

Thanks for the color, May

On this last day of May, I once again salute the colors springing forth out of our little piece of earth in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. The backyard daisies look quite happy in this season’s spot. Great planning from my dear wife Karen, indeed.

Sparse year for the pretty tree up front

Before I forget, I must reveal that it was a sparse season for our front yard flowering dogwood. The blossoms came and went quickly. They were more spare. They were not as bright white. I’m chalking it off to the lingering stay of winter. Hopefully the dogwood will have a more robust growth cycle next…

One more chance for the plastic red Adirondack chairs

I got a text while my dear wife Karen was still at work the other night, asking if I’d looked out back. No, I had not. Walked Ellie. Fed Ellie. Ate dinner. Watched TV. But no, I had not looked outside to the backyard of A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville to…

Going for the next season

More well-meaning sprouts were spied on a walk around the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville by cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I. The flowers are coming. The flowers are coming. Some of the interesting lawn ornaments seem to be popping as well. Yes, the blooms are beautifying the front of A Bitty…