The sunset made my heart beat faster

As I walked out to the car at 5:30 p.m. to drive for a Valentine’s Day dinner with my dear wife Karen, I noticed this beautiful sunset in our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. I figured the evening was off to a pretty and proper start. Right I was. Advertisements

Look at these big, black birds

Ellie B and I spotted a few birds during a recent walk around the blocks of our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. Unfortunately, they were all crows. The first we encountered was on the roof of an attached garage. The second sat high amid bare branches. The third chose a perch in an evergreen. Not one…

The dusting

What is one way that winter in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville can wear you down? When it seems that you can’t remember how many days in a row you had to brush off the cars. And run the shovel along the front walk. I think of it as another darn dusting. But it sure…

That’s our pile

Winter continues in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville, and thank you, plow guy. There’s really just a single space in the driveway of A Bitty Better for the plow to leave it. I figured garbage day would bring the size of the pile to light. Our pail is, oh, four-feet high.

Keeping the promise?

The apartment complex Ellie B and I spy during our walks around the blocks of the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville makes a pretty big promise with its name. No, I said a big promise. Yeah, that just begs for a look at the lake, right? Well, not from where the sign sits can I spot…