Sparse year for the pretty tree up front

Our flowering tree.

Before I forget, I must reveal that it was a sparse season for our front yard flowering dogwood.

The blossoms came and went quickly. They were more spare. They were not as bright white. I’m chalking it off to the lingering stay of winter.

Hopefully the dogwood will have a more robust growth cycle next year.

10 thoughts on “Sparse year for the pretty tree up front

  1. The poor tree just needed a little bit of rest, bro Mark. It takes a lot of effort for a little beginner to make it thru a winter that refuses to go away, so I’m surprised it bloomed at all. We had a kind of skimpy spring as well — but part of that was normal, if anything is considered normal now. Winter didn’t get bad here until late February and then just seemed to like the atmosphere in the area so it stayed forever! It’ll be interesting to see what summer brings.
    Hard to believe tomorrow is already Memorial Day! I think I’ve lived too long!


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