Justin Bieber isn’t perfect! Calm down and tell your kids to be themselves

So they’re reporting about Justin Bieber’s wild streak over in Europe on “The Today Show.”

Breaking news.

Canadian kid turns 19 and squirms under the spotlight that’s been following him all of his teen years. He acts out. The magnifying glass of our world tells all. He sings and dances for thousands of young people at the end of the day anyway.

But wait! Parents worry that he’s now a poor role model for their adolescents who hang on his every word.

And in other news, down the block and up the road, a dog tried to get out the door and nip at the mailman.

Age old story. (Both of them.)

Don’t sweat it, mom and pop. Since the coolest cave kid on the cliff decided it was more fun to make fire than straighten out the rocks, most likely.

Tell the kid they’ve got to make their own decisions. Love the music, share the fan life online, don’t fight with people trying to take your picture even when they’re definitely invading your space. Role models should come in the flesh, not on the screen.

Good advice, all of it.

Now, I come here today not to judge Mr. Bieber’s music career. I was there with 17,000 others at the New York State Fair’s grandstand in 2010, writing about all those squealing young girls and deciding that hey, in a 16-year-old-way, Bieber and his young-love pop wasn’t the worst phenomena I’d ever witnessed. But this acting out may give him something else to write about — if he decides he wants to keep making music.

It’s called growing up, and everybody’s got to do it their own way, including Justin Bieber and all the rest of the kids in the world.

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