Yeah, I’ve got a blog

Please allow me to reintroduce myself.
I’m a man of intellectual wealth and impeccable taste.

Thank you Mick and Keith, for that lyric to twist and shout. Enough strut for Mick and enough swagger for Keith. Whew-whooooo!

When last seen around these parts, I was covering the music and entertainment world for the big daily newspaper and website in Syracuse. And then, after 29 years of loving the smell of ink in the press hall, after Jan. 31, I wasn’t.

I said enough about that on my Facebook page shortly thereafter. Yeah, I was very, very, very sad.

A lot of you chimed in. Hundreds of comments. Hundreds more clicks on that like button.

Thank you again, by the way. It was very nice to know that my three decades spent letting our world know about what was going on here in Central New York was appreciated by so many. Many of you asked if I had my own blog.

Those of you who’ve sent me personal messages of concern, thank you. I’m pretty sure I’ve answered every one, and with pretty much the same sentiment.

I’m OK. Really.

I’ve learned some things.

My father went through it. When he was 50, he and the company for which he worked since he was 18 parted ways. When we got together shortly thereafter, he looked at his 30-year-old son and declared: They just voided a big fill in my life.

Frank was right. He got on with it, and ended up loving the next chapter more than the previous one.

When we found out about my pending separation from the daily paper and big website, my wife, Karen, agreed that it would be a good idea for me to take a month to recharge my batteries.

I have not, however, sat around meditating. Or staring and muttering, for that matter.

For one thing, finding a new full-time job can be a job on its own. Resumes have been written. Phone calls have been made. Emails have been traded. Resumes have been rewritten. I’ve discovered that an online app isn’t just another good shortcut for my iPad and iPhone. Yes, applications have been filled out, with cover letters, references and links to work clips electronically attached. A couple of interviews are under my belt. I’m hoping to hear, and soon, that another will be coming.

I’ve had a cool part-time offer.

Come this Friday, March 1, it will be four weeks since that first day of the rest of my life.

Apparently, I may be getting a wee bit of that scrunchy, tense face, the one where it looks like I’m trying to fold it along the deep furrow in my brow.

Karen this morning asked if it might be a good time for me to set up that blog.

Here you have it.

Time to again take my public writing beyond the short Facebook posts and even shorter Tweets.

What can be expected at

I’m going to write about whatever I want.

It will contain musings about music and entertainment and sports and life. Yeah, that’s a pretty broad range. Did I mention that I think it’s pretty cool to write about whatever I want?

Posts will be of the one-a-day variety, not the one-an-hour approach. And I’m sure not going to promise a daily entry, what with the aforementioned quest for a full-time job.

(Time for a free ad: If you’ve got a serious offer for a true-blue communications pro, email me at

So there we have it.

The wheels are turning.

I saw George Strait’s farewell tour in Buffalo on Friday, and the dude went out on top …

Syracuse let Georgetown spoil another final chapter in the Carrier Dome on Saturday …

I tasted a lot of different wings, yummy to spit-it-out, at the Winterfest Wing Walk on Sunday …

Sean eliminated AshLee to get down to the final two on “The Bachelor” last night, and she refused to talk to him on her walk to the goodbye limo ride …

I renewed our SU football season tickets this morning, a day after the kind-of-disappointing new home schedule was finalized …

While walking our cute pooch Ellie B this afternoon, another dog on a leash growled and leaped at her …

Next week I’m going to present the Brian Bourke Award for Best New Artist at the Sammys …

Yeah, I can’t wait to write about whatever I want.

Go ahead, bookmark me.

18 thoughts on “Yeah, I’ve got a blog

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  3. Mark it took me two years to realize, “I am not retired, I am just beginning”.Time to work on your swing
    enjoy it every moment………………………………………………..Skip


  4. Congrats & good luck, Mark. You have been a major boon to the Syracuse music scene. Your ability to write about whatever you want will make you appreciate the new chapter in your life. As a loyal fan for many years, I am glad you are back at it, and can’t wait to read more. Good luck in your job search.


  5. Hi Mark!! So glad you have a blog now, and good luck with your job hunt. A few years back, you presented the Brian Bourke award to my step-daughter’s band, White Picket Fence, on the same night as their senior prom…they were the ones all dressed up in their prom dresses and tuxes!!!! I look forward to your musical words of wisdom!!!


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