Business not as usual

Every customer outside and inside of souvenir and T-shirt shop extraordinaire Cuffy’s wore a mask and was careful about distancing. And this year’s sand sculpture, marking 40 years of business and really great prices, noted the summer of COVID-19, too. Oops, that was on the side I did not photograph. Maybe it was subliminal on…

Ellie B wants to wave at everybody

It’s hard for me to choose who had more fun on this particular trip to the Atlantic Ocean. You can tell by their smiles that my dear wife Karen and our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle both think this place on our planet is fairly fabulous. Here’s to toes in the sand…

A shameless plug for the Red Nun

I would declare that my dear wife Karen and I can call the Red Nun our place in Cape Cod. Let me share the reasons why we feel so comfortable at this bar/restaurant: We can walk there from the lovely cottage in, oh, two or three minutes. And, more importantly, walk back after a couple…

Yes, that is a shed

You’d think there’s room for extra guests in this second structure out back in our Cape Cod rental spot. Nope. Just one of the nicest she’d fronts you’ll ever see. Hey, wait, it’s locked. Maybe it is a bunk house! The back side gets me back to my notion of shed.

To the pond, dear dog

Our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle adores the yearly Cape Cod getaway as much as we do, She’ll keep that smile on her face at the hidden pond, as long as we let her choose her own water level. My dear wife Karen and I appreciate the view, too.