From the flip side

The busy marina interests me looking toward shore, too. I’m glad the land bends toward other angles.

A pair of tie dyes come out swirlingly

At the end of this year’s Tie Dye on the Lawn event at the library where I work, staffers were invited to take out their own cotton garments and go to it with bands, soaking soda ash solution and bottled dye. I had brought a pair of white T-shirts. I took up the invitation of…

I bring home a Cobblestone calzone

My dear wife Karen enjoyed a quick getaway excursion with dear friend Chris to meet with Cathy and husband Bruce in Ithaca on Friday night. After I got out from my library shift, I took a quick trip to the supermarket to fill the usual two bags with needed items. But … I didn’t feel…

Peaceful for all

We love our pool these special months of the year here in Central New York. We put out the bath in the background for the nature that likes to appreciate our fortunate setting with us. My dear wife Karen and I often admire the birds that share our space.

Turning leaves, chapter one

Seen on a stroll through Onondaga Lake Park: leaves changing color. Not mild yellow or mild red, I’d say, but quickly brown. It has been so very, very dry. It’s that point of August in my part of the world.

The animals hang out, too

The latest adventure shared by text by terrific daughter Elisabeth was her trip with fiance George Three to Brew at the Zoo. At first I was a bit worried that the elephants were bored, but that the photo up high told me maybe they were into the company, too.

What to wear to the game?

I heard my dear wife Karen and terrific daughter Elisabeth talking among themselves as fiance George Three and I walked just ahead on the journey from the parking lot to our seats at our latest we-love-to-go to the Syracuse Mets games together outings. The attractiveness of a new woman’s hat in the window to the…