What to wear to the game?

I do like the hats.

I heard my dear wife Karen and terrific daughter Elisabeth talking among themselves as fiance George Three and I walked just ahead on the journey from the parking lot to our seats at our latest we-love-to-go to the Syracuse Mets games together outings.

The attractiveness of a new woman’s hat in the window to the left in the Syracuse Mets store was mentioned.

Between innings I took a solo scouting trip to the store, agreed with their tastes, and came back with new hats for the women in my life.

Orange & Blue says it.

As for me, I came to the game in a T-shirt designed and ordered online by my dear wife Karen, arrived in a small box to our house.

I love it.

Orange and Blue, you see, are the colors of the Syracuse Mets and Syracuse University Orange, the two hometown teams we follow.

Not to mention the New York Islanders, the National Hockey League team of my affections. Talk about a home run.

Karen, Elisabeth and George have their shirts as well. No, we have not worn them all to the same game.

16 thoughts on “What to wear to the game?

      • Mark, I have the news early my friend. That’s why I’ve been M.I.A. They moved my scans up earlier and I had them one week ago. Unfortunately, not what we had hoped. The mass on my pancreas shrunk in length, grew in width. Two in my stomach lymph nodes grew. I have 3 new ones~one in each set of ribs and a TINY start of one in my right lung. My world flipped. I’ve accepted it and rallied. My sons and family behind me. On Thursday I will see oncologist for new plan. I think it’s time to give my body a break and try radiation. In the meantime, my youngest son and his little family made the move from WA state to MO. Cancer impacts the entire family! I’m humbled with love and blessings. My sons have been away a long time. I see miracles happening in this situation and just take things one hour at a time! I even went on a field trip Saturday with the special needs adults I work with. I must LIVE! 👏🏻💛


      • Your attitude will not waver, this I can tell from these years of blog friendship, Karla. I am with you from here to there and there to here and of course in prayer. I can picture you enjoying the precious family time, and the meeting with your special needs adults!

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