Cheers for the two-tone

I never know what I’ll find year-to-year when I do my foot-cruise of the classic-car congregation at the Electronics Parkway parking lot. The two-tone baby caught my eye this summer. Sweet!

I can count on the classic cars every year

At a certain point of the summer, I know if I go to Kinney Drugs on Electronics Parkway, I need only walk to the adjoining parking lot to get a great view of classic cars. I right away was drawn to this lineup of Cougars. And note the stuffed Cougar on the dash of the…

One last look at the cars that visited

I liked looking at the cool cars. I thought this baby reminded me of Back to the Future. I knew not that American Motors made a lift side door model. In the early 1980s I owned a beige AMC Hornet hatchback. I did not like it much. My bad. It was interesting how the cars…

Not just cars, but trucks, too

Vintage trucks hung out around my place in the world this past weekend, too. The history of cool vehicles pre-dates me. Finally, something. Ha. What’s the difference between vintage, antique, classic and old? How much you take care of something, maybe? This one probably isn’t a truck, but definitely is cool. More tomorrow.