Big sky at the gate

It seemed right to see the big sign outside the entrance of the fall food truck rally remind me that our state fairgrounds is governed by agriculture and markets. Food, right? We were ready for lunch. More to come. Want to take a guess at what I ate?

Food trucks rally in the fall, too

My dear wife Karen, terrific daughter Elisabeth, fiance George Three and I decided it was time for another visit to a food truck rally. Our decision was made easy by the fact that they were gathering for an autumn visit to the New York State fairgrounds. As we walked over the pedestrian bridge toward the…

The sun sets on baseball season

George Three had ticket vouchers remaining in his booklet, so we squeezed a last game in at NBT Bank Stadium. This provided a wonderful view of the sunset as well as a great perspective of the game. And the Mets won, 8-5.

Thanks for a good dunking season, pool

The pool closers did their thing. We live in a one-season climate for the backyard pool, for sure. This was a very good season for dipping, I will say. Thank you, my dear wife Karen, for your wonderful pool upkeep so we could thoroughly enjoy our oasis.

The holiday lights are gathering

On this first day of fall, I offer the recent capture at the Onondaga Lake Marina. Boats are still docked. Leaves on the tree are still green and quite up there. Lights on the Lake decorations are piled and ready for installation.