Almost singular

The Rose of Sharon seem to be keeping to themselves this year.

A keeper regardless

My dear wife Karen has let this grow tall. I don’t know if it’s a weed or a plant, but I definitely dodged it with the mower. Don’t want to anger Jack or the Giant, either. And now she tells me, it’s a sunflower and we’re waiting for the flower part!

Take your pick and stay safe

My dear wife Karen has established three distinct seating areas in our wonderful backyard oasis. Best for social distancing and everybody’s safety if and when the kids and/or neighbors Georgia and Bert come over for a bit.

Cool contrasts

Suddenly I appreciated the lie of the purple pointing out the glory of the red roses out front. Thanks for the direction.

One by one now

Even when it’s not kicking out the red roses by the boat load, the front yard red bush won’t lie completely still.

The view from up high may have suited Syracuse Mets hopes

I took these photographs in March, before the virus crisis caused us all to stay home. Looking at it now, I sure will miss not having our Syracuse Mets Triple A International League season this summer. Now these thoughts will have to apply to 2021. I hope. I figured I’d share this now that the…

Black-eyed Susans emerge

I still don’t know if this hardy stand of Black-Eyed Susans grow on our lawn or our neighbor’s. Right on the line, they are. No matter, really. Beautiful they are. And on the day the blooms emerged, when night fell, my dear wife Karen and I heard the buzz of the cicadas when we let…