The view from up high may have suited Syracuse Mets hopes

I took these photographs in March, before the virus crisis caused us all to stay home. Looking at it now, I sure will miss not having our Syracuse Mets Triple A International League season this summer. Now these thoughts will have to apply to 2021. I hope. I figured I’d share this now that the parent New York Mets have started this abbreviated 2020 season with everybody’s fingers crossed for health.

I enjoyed looking around from the top of NBT Bank Stadium.

Waiting for the opening day crowd.

The sense of big things to come smacked me full on.

Here comes a big season.

Now we await the start of success, inside and out.

Great shapes.

11 thoughts on “The view from up high may have suited Syracuse Mets hopes

  1. Well, the Amazin’s won last night, have a promising squad it appears. With 16 teams, we might make the playoffs this year!


  2. Imagine the increased joy (doubled because of the wait) everyone will feel when the stadiums open and people can celebrate (or groan because their team isn’t winning) the game. Here’s to good health and games in the future!


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