Why did you bring the darn dog?

High as she can climb. My dear wife Karen and I decided it was time to pack our cherished rescue dog Ellie B into the car for the mile drive down the road so she can see where Elisabeth and George Three now live. Of course, that means she had to say hello to beloved…

One happy cat when that day rolls around

What did I get this time? Elisabeth and George Three can have fun watching Ava’s reaction when the monthly cat box arrives. The rescue cat in our life is as enthralled with the delivery as rescue dog Ellie is with the Bark Box. Catnip involved? Now that’s a look of cat joy.

Curious cat can get in a tight spot

Don’t go there, Ava! Do you think Ava can fit under there, my terrific daughter Elisabeth asked me when I visited here and George Three after they returned home from work on Friday night. I looked at their hutch that houses their widescreen TV, thought of the chubby rescue cat that now greets me with…

That darn cat

Happy kitty. Grand cat Ava’s Christmas gift arrived at daughter Elisabeth and George’s house early enough to have a curious feline unwrap it as it went under their tree. Deep in play. Elisabeth texted me reaction photos for at least an hour. Immersible present. Yes, Ava decided to climb right into her gift at one…

Happy holiday for Ava

Grand cat Ava particularly enjoyed this moving Christmas gift, terrific daughter Elisabeth had to share in her text photo. I smiled and chuckled for the happy moment.

Love your graphics

I never know what might be attached to the texts from my terrific daughter Ellisabeth. What an artist. I don’t quite know if I shouldtoadmire her cat Ava or pity her for this particular pose … Admission: My first reaction was a big laugh.

When you bring your pets to work

The email from the Syracuse Mets said this season’s cut-outs were ready for pick-up at their NBT Bank Stadium offices. I took the short trip after a library shift on Monday and picked up the replica of our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B and Elisabeth and George Three’s rescue cat Ava. Instead of riding in…

Ava gets collared

Chances are pretty good that if my dear wife Karen and I left the Food Truck Battle with a gift for our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B, Elisabeth and George Three picked up a little something for their cherished rescue cat Ava. I think her new collar is fabulous.

Batter up!

Uncle Bill sent a small batting helmet to Elisabeth and George Three. Just like the real thing, with padding inside and everything, my terrific daughter informs me via text. Or course she had to place it on the head of cherished rescue cat Ava. Who might not like the idea of playing baseball much.