Batter up!

Uncle Bill sent a small batting helmet to Elisabeth and George Three. Just like the real thing, with padding inside and everything, my terrific daughter informs me via text. Or course she had to place it on the head of cherished rescue cat Ava. Who might not like the idea of playing baseball much.

Cats and penguins

You didn’t think that Elisabeth and George could go see live penguins and not bring back a stuffed toy for cherished rescue cat Ava, did you?

Let sleeping cats lie?

My terrific daughter Elisabeth and her sensational significant George Three thought they were going there playful rescue cat Miss Ava a solid by purchasing her a new cat bed. That’s the new bed to the right. That’s Miss Ava’s favorite blanket, well, underneath her. I suggested that maybe they stow away the blanket for a…

A little catnip goes a long way

On the way for a staycation get-together with my darling daughter Elisabeth, super significant George Three and their new addition, rescue cat Miss Ava, I stopped at the Oneida WalMart for careful cat gift selection. The long thing with catnip inside, check. The pretty cat agreed with my selection. Of course, she’s already the owner…

Greetings to Miss Ava

Meet Miss Ava, said the text from my terrific daughter Elisabeth. There’s a new cat in the family. Yes, she explained, my daughter and sensational significant George Three took a trip to the Rome (N.Y.) SPCA. They rescued Miss Ava, and Miss Ava will hereafter also rescue them. Hover over a gallery photo for a…