I tipped my hat to this heritage tribute

Walking on the Syracuse University hill on Saturday, my dear wife Karen and I admired the grassy square tribute set up for Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs through Oct. 15. Flags for the representative nations line the lawn. May those of Latinx Hispanic Heritage celebrate proudly. By the way, the sign also led me…

Flower photo request for my dear wife

Walking from the Syracuse University quad to the Carrier Dome for Saturday’s college football game, a flower garden just a tad to the right of the stadium caught my dear wife Karen’s eye. She asked very nicely for my to take a photograph of the yellow ones. At the moment I thought they were Black-eyed…

It’s code

Traditionally, the area code in this part of the world is 315. So when I looked up while standing in line to buy sausage-pepper-and-onion sandwiches for Karen and I and spotted the section sign, I had to snap.

Gifts from the kids that keep giving

Terrific daughter George and sensational significant George Three arrived this past weekend with gifts for my dear wife Karen. They know the right stuff. A photo of them on the living room entertainment center is perfect. They took part in a photo event with siblings and others. Perfect. Next from their car came a white…

Penguins painting, literally

The latest wildlife adventure for terrific daughter Elisabeth and sensational significant George Three brought them up close to penguins. I think they are very cute. And their special talents? They use their feet to paint. Thank you so much for going out safely and sharing, you adventurous pair.

Old graffiti

My take on those scribbled words on the bottom of a discarded table in the parking lot of a neighborhood building: The writer never thought they’d be seen in the light, outdoors, someday, any day, far in the future. This place used to be school, so I’ll turn the old saying into: Never write something…

May your Halloween be happy

Cherished rescue dog Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I came upon an elegant seasonal display during our safe walk around the blocks of our neighborhood. We found it perfect for sharing on this Halloween morning. If you’re venturing out with little ones to gather treats, please take that abundance of caution to stay safe.