Old graffiti

My take on those scribbled words on the bottom of a discarded table in the parking lot of a neighborhood building: The writer never thought they’d be seen in the light, outdoors, someday, any day, far in the future. This place used to be school, so I’ll turn the old saying into: Never write something…

May your Halloween be happy

Cherished rescue dog Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I came upon an elegant seasonal display during our safe walk around the blocks of our neighborhood. We found it perfect for sharing on this Halloween morning. If you’re venturing out with little ones to gather treats, please take that abundance of caution to stay safe.

Taking a break from flying south

On a recent safe walk around the blocks of our neighborhood, cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I spotted a grounded flock of geese. More often we spot them a few miles down the road on the shores of Onondaga Lake rather than this grassy spot stuck in the midst of three…

Falling down

Across the way, the formerly brilliantly red tree is nearing the end of this season’s cycle. It still attracts my attention as early October moves toward the middle.

I like them apples

My dear wife Karen took on a Saturday adventure with our great friend Georgia. They drove the short miles to community farm stand Abbott’s, purchased fall apples, and tackled the project of baking a few October apple pies. Georgia had volunteered to guide a somewhat reluctant Karen through the making and baking processes. Success, my…