We’re on the road to nowhere

In mid-winter, the trails at Onondaga Lake Park surely looked barren. To think that they’d been parading cars this way nightly from Thanksgiving past New Year’s for Lights on the Lake.

Now that’s winter

Even with the wind blowing and the temperatures well below freezing, I got the urge to run down two blocks from the library during my morning break a few weeks ago. Onondaga Lake was still there! More scenes from what I considered our winter mid-point in the next few days.

Everybody outside

It’s been weeks since my work friends and I have taken to the paths of Onondaga Lake Park during either our morning or afternoon breaks. It seems like that’s how long the polar vortex hung over the Village of Liverpool, anyway. Monday, though … The trail at 11 a.m. was, well, packed with happy people.…

Crows lead to foxes, I discover

On a January work break walk with my colleagues, the loud screeching of crows broke our conversation. Laura declared that in her neighborhood a few blocks away in the Village of Liverpool, that has been signifying the sighting of a fox. And she spotted it, too. Off to the right in the backyard. Out came…