Taking a needed stretch at the park

The bus let a bunch of young fellows and a few mentors out in the late afternoon. A coach explained to this curious questioner that they were at mid-point of a trip to play a college soccer game. Out they went onto the grassy lawn of Onondaga Lake Park to take advantage of the space.…

If you and a friend need to ride

The bikes are all in a row at Onondaga Lake Park. You too can rent and ride in style. I have not been tempted, I must say, even though I walk this stretch of Onondaga Lake Park a lot and spot people look fairly happy as they pedal past in many colorful combinations.

Out come the lights

We know they’re getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday at Onondaga Lake Park. Paired with the nice September weather, my work colleagues and I have seen the signs of preparation for Lights on the Lake. Already.

Go sail away

Out beyond the marina lies a sailboat, enjoying the season. I do catch much on my walks, appreciating what others are enjoying so close to my workplace at the library.