I spy the Syracuse skyline

On a clear January morning break walk, one can look to the east down the Onondaga Lake shoreline and appreciate the Syracuse skyline forefront, country hills behind. It’s quite pretty, I think before I head back to the warmth of the library.

Hoping for a lighted walk next edition

I was not able to walk the path of Onondaga Lake Park’s road for Lights on the Lake while it was dark enough for the displays to truly shine out for my photos this season. It still looks pretty in the light, I think. However … Maybe come the 2022-23 edition I’ll get out there…

Picnic plant

Picnics at the Park sure can look nice. I took the time to snap this beauty just off the beaten path at Onondaga Lake Park a couple Thursdays ago. Can’t help but dig the blooms.

Solid, still

Wind and other forces of nature may have had their way with some of this Onondaga Lake side tree. Still, I think on a library work break walk, it has withstood plenty.

Feeling free

I felt it as much as I saw it at first, this elegant big bird passing overhead as I took my library work break walk next to Onondaga Lake Park. This is more and more known as a great spot for eagles. I got my iPhone out and up in time for a pretty nice…

Would those be lights at the lake?

No big feature displays leaning against the trees or ground yet, but I did spot strands up in a small tree at Onondaga Lake Park. It is only five months from the start of Lights on the Lake 2021. Or five months since the conclusion of Lights on the Lake 2020.