There was something about the way the white stump was almost completely hiding out behind the bigger gray tree that caught my fancy. The emergence above the creek almost looks like an animal head to me.

A little to the left

I promise to you that I was standing straight up and down when I pulled out my iPhone 8 to take this image. I saw the evergreen leaning to the left and wondered if it was a constant breeze off of Onondaga Lake that made it grow this way.

What I used to do

Here’s hoping that in 2021, Lights on the Lake will be able to bring bake the opening nights for walkers, when I can join the thousands of folks happily walking up that path, taking photographs of the lights all ablaze. Just thinking back and ahead.

Standing guard

My eyes spy one lonely rowboat on dry land adjacent to the empty Onondaga Lake Marina. A prop, I wonder, as I complete my safe walk during a work break, or there in case somebody needs it for an emergency. Hope not for the second, ever.

No boats

As I walk along the Onondaga Lake Park trail and pass the lonely marina, I wonder where the boats that make this spot bustle during the summer spend these months? They all have a tale to tell under different covers, says my imagination.