Lights and boats

The boats were not quite all gone from the past busy season at Onondaga Lake Yacht Club marina. The lights were not quite all put up for the upcoming Lights on the Lake extravaganza. But this juxtaposition this week made for one heck of an October comparison. Advertisements

Here’s the orange

My work colleagues and I saw for the first time during our Thursday afternoon break walk from the library, a tree around the path at Onondaga Lake Park that I would qualify as truly orange. Yes, I consider this a late arriving splash.

All lined up, the holiday lights

Our work break walks in Onondaga Lake Park surely allow us to see the progress workers are making with the light displays that will be set up for November’s traditional Lights on the Lake extravaganza. I liked the way they looked all leaned up against the trees.

Taking the seaweed from Onondaga Lake

Taking our work break walk from the library recently, we noticed some mining going on in Onondaga Lake. A truck in the Marina announced that the vegetation piling up in the bed was 100 percent natural. I spotted the boat doing the work right in the marina waters. Interesting, I thought. Looks a lot like…

Up batter!

There are rules that must be followed. Ballplayers of all ages must learn that for orderly games to move on, inning by inning. This might be a little confusing at this field at Onondaga Lake Park.