A reminder not to forget them

A visit to Onondaga Lake Park’s east side yielded the reminder for an event set up to keep special young ones in our thoughts. It was sobering to see so many hanging placards with names and faces of children who are missing. May their loved one find some measure of peace in the thought that…

The lights are out around the lake

Yes, they are getting ready for the annual Lights on the Lake display at Onondaga Lake Park during our virus year of 2020. This chap is already standing post near Willow Bay. On the east end near the Wegmans Playground, meanwhile, these await a good spreading out. This does make me wonder if they will…

Rock swap

On a visit to Onondaga Lake Park with the kids, Elisabeth and Mason came upon a cool painted rock nestled with the natural stones on the shoreline. My talented daughter, of course, had one of her painted rocks in her backpack to trade. The MO. She picks up the rock and puts down her creation…

Happy birds

Sometimes it’s interesting to note the spots the birds choose to hang out around Onondaga Lake Park. I don’t know what, if anything, does or does not spill out of that big, round conduit at the shoreline.

Well maintained

A safe visit to Onondaga Lake Park revealed this low, wide Rose of Sharon. It strikes quite a different stance than the tall version in front of our house. Hmmmmmm.

Enjoying a match

A safe visit to Onondaga Lake Park found the bocce courts had attracted a match. They looked like they were having fun, not minding their masks at all.