I’ll walk around it

At first I thought it was a cute little replica of a lighthouse. You know, being so close to shore and all. But, no, this collects stuff someway, somehow, above my waterside knowledge level.

All square

To think that I am not a boat person. Ships I got to like, if I wore the patch to ward off my chronic seasickness …

Happy at the lake we are

My dear wife Karen and I took a moment to savor our happy stroll at Onondaga Lake Park. It was midway, on a bench, close to the shore. May can be a happy month indeed.

Lake trees bloom

It’s a nice day in May when I notice the white blooms on the trees on a stroll with my dear wife Karen at Onondaga Lake Park.

Good morning, lake sun

The arrival of daylight savings time means a lower sun for my quick morning pre-work visits to the shore of Onondaga Lake. I don’t mind as we welcome spring.

Happy spring to all

In anticipation of the arrival of spring, I took a pre-work walk down to the shores of Onondaga Lake earlier this week. With the changing of the clock this weekend, I felt spring ahead to a darker time. It was still. It was quiet. I was as calm as the flat water. Happy new season…