Y knot leave it standing?

I’m still standing … This little tree will draw my glances as the season progresses. I want to know if it’s gone gone, or if life clings to those limbs that remain at the Y.

Fall leftovers

Leave us alone. How that great, big clump of dried leaves made it from autumn to spring on the shores of a lake is beyond me, I thought as I walked past the short tree And saw no other signs of such stubborn behavior. Nature sure is something.

Shadowy figures

Sun blocker. Walking around Onondaga Lake Park, it behooves this retired guy experiencing his first months away from the working days to stagger the hours visiting this grand expanse so close to my house. Different angles of the sun bring different views of the world to my senses (and iPhone).

Dog’s life at the lake

On duty? I spied during a recent Onondaga Lake Park loop this big dog lying in wait as its humans went about doing spring things. The pooch paid me no attention, choosing to watch the action out yonder toward the playground instead.

We know the eagles are at our lake

Right on! One of our drive-around hopes was to catch a glimpse (and photo) of one of the hundred or so American bald eagles that call the trees that surround our Onondaga Lake home these days. We pulled into several spots we know they like. I’ve seen them flying and resting in branches. No luck…

Kids will play

Busy enjoying spring. It only took a warm and sunny spring day and a loop around Wegmans Landing playground to remind me that the young ones and the folks who care from them get so much out of this great space during our nice months. I used to get an eye and earful of the…

Hitting the first big walking goal in April

With determination and warmer days, I’ve hit my walking goal for April. Several clustered afternoon visits to Onondaga Lake Park led to the sunny day when I first took a left from the Salt Museum parking lot to stride past the easternmost tip and then loop back around Wegmans Landing children’s playground back to the…

Anybody home?

The hollow at the bottom of the big tree drew me in. What came first, I wondered, the creature or the home? Was a critter still in there? Signs of activity. A closer inspection yielded sticks and dust but no animal brave enough or angry enough to come out to greet me … or yell…

All together now

Nature and man. The wildlife and city skyline both seem to stand out under the recent herringbone sky at Onondaga Lake Park. I admired both.