Turning leaves, chapter one

Seen on a stroll through Onondaga Lake Park: leaves changing color. Not mild yellow or mild red, I’d say, but quickly brown. It has been so very, very dry. It’s that point of August in my part of the world.

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine

Strolling through Onondaga Lake Park on a lovely July day, it strikes me that Jim Seals passed away at the age of 80 in June. Thank you for giving us the song <em>Summer Breeze</em> during my teen years of the mid-70s, Seals and Croft. It resonates in my soul on sublime summer days still.

Quite a salty past

Here’s to keeping alive the memories of those who toiled to bring salt to the nation and give Syracuse its nickname of The Salt City.

Walk on out

One doesn’t need to go out on a boat to get the full feel of Onondaga Lake, what with this ready public dock walk.