The color of winter

White snow, gray skies, ice a mix of slate. You’d think that an afternoon break walk from the desk at the library could bring nothing but a stark picture of the season. Even without the sun or a blue sky, you’d be wrong. A ribbon of glory awaits where the sky and land kiss and…

Nice moniker

I spotted this boat out of Onondaga Lake on a recent break walk from my workplace at the library. The form and the name both caught my eye.

I refuse to take the bait except for with my iPhone 6s

I rather enjoy what I spot on the 15-minute break walks from my workplace at the library. Indeed, you can get live bait 24 hours a day in the Village of Liverpool. No, the blocks of First Street do not include a true bait shop. Instead, the worms turn from a soda-like dispenser. It’s at…

How fast will they trot?

My mind is the thing that raced when I say this sign during a break walk from my work at the library. Why are they calling the runners for this event turkeys? Oh, wait. Thanksgiving is approaching!

A wheelie cool lineup

On the break walk from my library workplace, the lines of the bicycles available for rent by CuseCycle caught my eye. They’re available right outside the Salt Museum. If you’re looking for something to pedal down the Onondaga Lake Park path. Which I’m not.

Merging the seasons surprises Dogamous Pyle

A weekday off from the workplace at the library and nice autumn weather led to a special treat for Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I. Our cherished rescue mutt was thrilled to hop in the car at A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville for the couple-mile ride to Onondaga Lake Park.…

I wonder if you can hear the shows from here

On a recent morning break stroll from my job at the library, I looked out from the marina and noticed … The Lakeview Amphitheater over on the other shore. Between the boats. That gray structure. I’d recently gone to see Lady Antebellum with my dear wife Karen for our only show this season. So I…