Hello to you, too, Anna

The big boat I’d been waiting for pulled into its Onondaga Lake Marina slip this week. As I walked on our work break with my colleagues, I happily pulled my iPhone 8 out to catch the craft with the so-clever moniker painted across the back. I’m glad to greet Me Anna You II from nearby…

Some days we can call it a lake placid

The other day on a work break stroll from the library, Onondaga Lake truly did look like a mirror. I ran right up to the water with my iPhone 8. Now this looked like a day for sailing. Yet there was nary a person out there on a craft of any sort.

Some trees have it all going for them

During a recent work break walk, a tree outside the Onondaga County Parks Department offices had it all. Shape. Color. Aroma, even. I had to snap it from both sides with my iPhone 8 before hustling past and getting back to the library.

OK, bring more boats in

The parking lot that feeds the Onondaga Lake Park Marina had them lined up waiting to launch when my colleagues and I were taking our work break walk the other day. I enjoyed the symmetry, of the boats, the trailers and the trucks.

A lovely sky indeed

I’m glad I didn’t keep my eyes straight ahead while taking my bag lunch from the library to the lake side this day. The cotton look left my jaw hanging.

Back in business

We’ve started moving to the left-side path on our break walks from the library. The bikers and roller blades are back in force. Yes, even the attractive, big Cuse Cycle cruisers are navigating the right path set aside for sports. We will beware.

Here come the boats

Three cheers for the warmer weather. The boat owners are bringing their vessels back to the Onondaga Lake Yacht Club marina. Soon enough, there will be a line to get them in the water.