Gone but not forgotten

The workers at Onondaga Lake Park did a good job of spiriting away the decorations from Lights on the Lake 2020. A work break walk this week showed that some remnants remain.

Hopeful ducks

Groundhog Day 2020 has passed, and old Phil told us spring will be arriving early. It was nice enough on Feb. 3 to take an 11 a.m. work break walk along Onondaga Lake. The pair of ducks out for a swim were hoping that the groundhog will be correct.

And then I saw this sign

I’ve brought you many pretty photographs from Onondaga Lake Park. Yes, I’m a fan of this significant recreational space so close to where I live and work. And so I walk here often. The waters, I know, used to be used as the private dumping bucket for Big Corporate Chemical on the other side of…

Yes, there is sun in the winter

The sun just doesn’t want to come out and play sometimes during this stretch of winter. That doesn’t mean that Onondaga Lake Park can’t look pretty. And it doesn’t keep the hardy people of Central New York from wandering the space.

What’s a little ice on the lake?

So it’s really winter, and the boats are gone from the Onondaga Lake Marina. The ice is forming. And yet as I walk on a Saturday, I see a boat coming back from a spin on the lake. The crew of three don’t want their photo taken on this below 20-degree F day, but they…