Back to a lake walk

I was glad to scoot down to Onondaga Lake Park for a precious few pre-work moments at tbe end of December. Four-season appreciation, for sure.

Shiny reflections

Pondering life. The high weeds at shore. The sun off the lake. The gray-white-cotton clouds. Yes, this library lunch break stroll scene makes it worth wolfing down my sandwich upon return to my desk.

Shore enough

Lightly lapping. This angle into the Onondaga Lake shoreline pleased me during my library lunch break stroll. The sea, she was not angry on this fall day, friends, but soon enough in winter she could be.

More and more lights

Soon to draw crowds. Yes, it’s getting closer to the opening of Lights on the Lake season, my recent lunch break stroll from the library alerted me anew. Many more displays are in place, including the framework for the “tunnels” that separate the distinctive zones between themes.

So many leaves have gone

Hanging on and not. A lunch break walk from the library to one of my favorite Onondaga Lake Park spots shows a big change in the autumn leaf status. Many are gone, and those still clinging on the forefront tree are beyond peak for sure.

There go the bike riders!

The big pack of bike riders who passed me on my pre-work Onondaga Lake Park stroll were orderly and well-behaved. Most of them waved at me just before they passed. I most definitely left with the impression they were raising money for a cause, not racing against each other for the best time. Good day,…

Bike riders are coming!

My pre-work stroll at Onondaga Lake Park encounters some sort of bicycling event. A slew of riders were escorted by cherry-lighted Sheriff vehicles at front and back. My iPhone camera adrenaline pumped! Here they come!

Leaning toward lights

My recent pre-work stroll at Onondaga Lake Park revealed a lot more lights ready for placement as October marches toward the Nov. 15 opening date for Lights on the Lake 2022. I just looked. No walking dates to start if off this year, again. There goes my official photo opportunities. I’ll have to plan another…