Happy Halloween

We celebrated the holiday a bit early at the library, inviting the community to drive through the fabulously decorated underground garage. Staffers and volunteers dressed up. I took pictures and videos. Happy Halloween, from my relaxing moment with a skeleton member of the crew.

A really big flag

Coming out of our local Cracker Barrel after an autumn breakfast with my dear wife Karen, I spied the really large American flag at the camping outlet next door. Once I’d taken my iPhone from my pocket, though, the winds had died down some. As always, Karen preached patience. Rewarded we were. I hope you…

Beautiful fall sunset

I always keep my eyes peeled to the west at a certain time of the day. I was rewarded looking out the front side of our house by this gorgeous late October farewell from the sun.

Call it the teenage fig

Coming to the conclusion of its first growing season in our backyard, I would say the planting has gone from baby fig to toddler fig to teenage fig. Thank you, friend John, for your very special delivery.

Finally, the new rose blooms

My dear wife Karen’s patience with the rose bush she received for Mother’s Day from daughter Elisabeth and fiance George Three paid off. The initial bloom of its first year in our backyard appeared at the end of October. And it’s a gorgeous violent, standing out adjacent to the veteran white roses also still kicking…

Great gift part II

My dear wife Karen took advantage of George Three’s traveling took kit for a second birthday present. In addition to putting up the towel hanger in the bathroom, the new living room art went up on the wall, too. I’d given her flowers for her birthday. I think the placement really came together. Thank you,…

Great gift part I

When terrific daughter Elisabeth wondered what my dear wife Karen might want for her birthday, her thoughts went to home improvement. Fiance George Three packed his took kit. The towel hanger Karen had purchased online went up so easily for him. Karen loves it! Me, too.

Stuck on the Thruway

When I heard about the big, bad traffic jam on the New York State Thruway, my mind went to the kids. Sometimes terrific daughter Elisabeth and/or fiance George Three take that route from work back to the east. I hadn’t heard from her via text, but I shouted out early the next morning. Yes, George…

When she was a kid …

Allow me to jump into the Wayback Machine to remember the time I took my curious daughter to see one of her musical favorites, Ryan Cabrera, at the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse. I had to write a review for the big daily. She followed his songs on the radio as a youngster. It was decades…

Fall in our front yard

Our front yard dogwood tree has adopted the deep purple it achieves just before the autumn leaves go bye-bye. The wide tree at the town offices across the road also has taken on its own so-long shade of red. Meanwhile, the knockout roses remain pumping out their vibrant red blooms, pre-Halloween style.