Stuck on the Thruway

Bad location for a stand-still.

When I heard about the big, bad traffic jam on the New York State Thruway, my mind went to the kids.

Sometimes terrific daughter Elisabeth and/or fiance George Three take that route from work back to the east.

I hadn’t heard from her via text, but I shouted out early the next morning.

Nowhere to go.

Yes, George had been stuck in his car on that route the night before. For more than six hours as crews tried to clear the accident. He didn’t get home until after midnight.

We talked about the awful experience the next time they came over, and he texted me these photos he took that awful night.

I said he ought to keep a deck of cards in his glove compartment. How about food and water, piped up Elisabeth … Yeah, that.

18 thoughts on “Stuck on the Thruway

  1. We never stopped being parents, do we? There is a tornado warning right now as we speak, near my son’s college. Of course I texted him and he said he was fine, as they do. We hate for our young people to have to go through these things. Being stuck on the road surely teaches one patience!


  2. We have a high-volume road near us which, when accidents occur, pretty much ensures those behind them will be waiting for hours…or at least until the police open up exit ramps for people to get off the highway. Fortunately, we’ve always managed to dodge that situation, but then again we always try not to use it in the first place!


  3. That’s terrible, Mark! I’m so glad your family is well. Due to a similar experience in St. Louis years ago during a tornado I do keep snacks and drinks in the car. What a long night for George. I have to share that the Prime truck in your photo is like having a piece of my area all the way East to you. Prime trucking home base is near where I grew up in Springfield, Missouri. I hope nothing “jams” the family this week! 🙏🏻💛


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