When she was a kid …

Elisabeth and Ryan Cabrera.

Allow me to jump into the Wayback Machine to remember the time I took my curious daughter to see one of her musical favorites, Ryan Cabrera, at the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse.

I had to write a review for the big daily.

She followed his songs on the radio as a youngster. It was decades ago. The Google reminds me that his hits started in 2004 and 2005. Enough said.

When she spotted Cabrera as the star of something called Mimosa Sunday at the Westcott Theater, Elisabeth and some of her friends from that time period bought tickets.

They drank a few mimosas. Elisabeth counted that 47 people were there.

Cabrera did not sing, instead playing a DJ set and meeting anybody who wanted to pose for a photo.

Yes, Elisabeth does remember attending the concert with her dad in the Wayback. She said she was too shy to mention it to Cabrera, though.

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