Hardy, still

The two 2022 plants Karen received for Mother’s Day from terrific daughter Elisabeth and fantastic fiance George Three are doing quite well as we turn through July. They picked great at the nursery and Karen did well at the spots she chose for them in our backyard gardens, too. The rose and rhododendron both delivered…

Long look at the back view

I’m still a fan of viewing the vibrancy of our backyard through the side alcove after I pull into our driveway upon returning home from my library job. Out I’ll soon go with our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B!

Red chairs highlight the lone flower

My dear wife Karen requested that I bring the red Adirondack chairs up from their winter basement hiding spot. I think they offer a wonderful complement to that one lone red backyard garden flower that decided to emerge.

Great view stepping out from my car

I could just rush right to the front door to get into the house after my day working at the library, right? Why not enjoy the view of what likes beyond the fence, I think. The side alcove is looking good. The backyard beckons as well.

That’s a powerful cluster

Checking out the latest round of blooms in the backyard gardens, I notice an odd configuration in the corner rose bush. These blooms have chosen togetherness. A handful of beauty has decided to press into what looks like one giant ball of color. My dear wife Karen and I agree that we don’t recall seeing…

I like the regular lily

My dear wife Karen told me I could go out to the back end of our yard and take a photo of the “common lilies.” Yes, they may be what we see most on the roadways of Central New York, but I like them just fine.