Our new azalea looks solid

The carefully selected azalea from Chuck Hafner’s Garden Center is now safely in our backyard garden. My dear wife Karen walked the line, held out her fingers, gauged the sun angles and told me where to dig. Love it.

Picture pretty

Our nice, comfortable spring time awaits back there, from sitting under the side alcove to wandering around the greening backyard. Thank you, April advancements.

Hold on, rose

Oh, how this season can offer a dizzying array of color. Even in our backyard, where this yellow rose holds forth against the changing rustic of the fence foliage.

Pushing them out fast and furious

You’d think our flower garden out back was mad because of the extended winter in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. Once they came out, they did so with a fury. Even the lone red one on the left.

Shopping the Regional Market for flowers

We haven’t yet taken our spring trip to the Regional Market, my dear wife Karen reminded me. I agreed. And I knew what she wanted to spend our Saturday morning doing. Up and down the sheds we walked, searching for just the right ones. Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an…

Now we see a purple tiger stripe

Of course my dear wife Karen and I both hold our breath after putting the new plants into the ground at A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. I do not think we need worry much about the tiger lily chosen by George Three for her Mother’s Day present. Soon after we put…