That’s a powerful cluster

Checking out the latest round of blooms in the backyard gardens, I notice an odd configuration in the corner rose bush. These blooms have chosen togetherness. A handful of beauty has decided to press into what looks like one giant ball of color. My dear wife Karen and I agree that we don’t recall seeing…

I like the regular lily

My dear wife Karen told me I could go out to the back end of our yard and take a photo of the “common lilies.” Yes, they may be what we see most on the roadways of Central New York, but I like them just fine.

A Tiger Lilly blooms again

I can’t remember how many years ago George Three included this Tiger Lilly as one of my dear wife Karen’s presents for Mother’s Day. Up it comes again. I love these annual deliveries.

Greetings, backyard roses

Shortly after arriving home from Cape Cod Getaway 2021, we walked through the house and into the backyard. Yes, the big bunch of roses there had bloomed during our time away as well. The three colors looked so good in their seasonal debut.

Hello to our new fairy garden

One of my dear wife Karen’s new ideas for the backyard garden this year is a fairy garden. She selected the boxed plants, sent away for the decorations, lovingly set it up off the back deck. My job is to admire the results of her work. I have yet to spot a visiting little person.

Hanging out and looking good

A hanging plant over the big rose bush is the perfect addition in this corner of our backyard garden complex. My dear wife Karen’s plans make our hangout better every dang year. Yes, this is the first time I’ve called it our backyard garden complex.