Take cover

The winter sure plays havoc with our backyard pool cover, I always discover when it’s warm enough to wander in March with my iPhone camera.

Bring on the opening

My dear wife Karen has been attempting to make our backyard pool more comfortable through various means for the last five years. Solar blankets this way and that way. What a pain. We knew the old heater did not work, word of mouth via our very good realtor. This spring she told our reliable pool…

Just add ducks?

So far this January, it’s been mostly rainy. Any snow that’s come has gone. The backyard pool cover is a great gathering place for all the water. No skaters, waders or ducks have been spotted.

It was one hot summer

The pool crew visited earlier this week. Yes, we know, some days warm enough to dip likely remain. But some days have already dipped down enough at night to chill that water. My dear wife Karen and surely know that this backyard fixture of ours was much appreciated in the summer of COVID-19.

Warm waters

As we move into the heart of July, I must admit: It has been a good year for warm waters in the backyard pool.

So close yet so far away

It wasn’t too long ago that the backyard pool was covered with snow and ice. My dear wife Karen has already talked with the pool company rep. The weekend before Memorial Day. We are optimistic, yes.

We had to admit it was finally over

The backyard pool season behind A Bitty Better in our neck of the woods was a good and hot one. But my dear wife Karen and I had to admit the swimming times were way over and call the pool company over to cover it up. They tucked it in for the second fall and…

Good thing the dog doesn’t just dive in

Even our cherished rescue mutt wondered a bit what exactly was going on with our backyard pool. It seems that could be what happens when a certain amount of stuff is added to prepare for a stretch away from the house. Nobody was harmed in the making of this safe water. Ellie B does not…