Bring on the opening

Pool heater

More comfortable swinging to come.

My dear wife Karen has been attempting to make our backyard pool more comfortable through various means for the last five years.

Solar blankets this way and that way.

What a pain.

We knew the old heater did not work, word of mouth via our very good realtor.

This spring she told our reliable pool company to put ‘er in.

That’s a new gas heater.

When they open the pool come near-Memorial Day, we’ll soon have way warmer waters than usual.

I imagine I will be taking more dips than ever this year.

6 thoughts on “Bring on the opening

  1. Oh… you are going to enjoy that! My friend has one and it warms up the pool quite nicely. Everyone thinks pools out here in Phoenix are always warm. Well they don’t really warm up until May (because of our cooler temps in the winter and cooler nights) so these heaters come in handy.
    You’ll be ready to jump in soooooon!
    Have a nice weekend!


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