Time for some backyard blanket cleanup

We thought we had a great idea when the old heater that came with the big backyard pool when we moved into A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville went on the fritz in year one.

My dear wife Karen ordered us a solar blanket.

We tried it.

Not so much for us. Too much twisting (of the blanket) and shouting (by us) in the removal process when we wanted to swim.

Ready for absolute removal.

So it has sat next to the shed since, through two seasons now.

In the extensive opening process for this season, Karen saw how the pool company workers got rid of our old liner. They cut it up and put it to our curb in a box.

So we decided to do the same with the old, by-now-grungy solar blanket.

Ready for disposal.

Half of it was sliced by our scissors.

Out for the garbage in two separate receptacles it would go.

Ready for the taking.

The other, cleaner half, though, I thought perhaps might be coveted by one of the many treasure-hunters that seem to sift through anything we place at the curb.

Coming in the summer of 2019.

We’ll be ready with a new solar blanket and different plan next season.

More on that in the early summer.

9 thoughts on “Time for some backyard blanket cleanup

  1. Hi Mark, we thought about getting one of those solar blankets for our pool. We don’t have a heater, and you would think with 3 months of 100+ degree weather the pool would be tolerable, but its not. Having read your post, I think we may consider a heater. Does it bump your electricity bill up considerably?


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